Narnia Quotes

repost June 4, 2020

I am a HUGE fan of Narnia, Sooo…. Now I have a Narnia photo and quote dump😀

I think my all time favorite! This quote is from a song but it goes so beautifully with Edmund’s journey.

The next two I added verses on with YouVersion Bible App

I don’t know who drew these all but they are amazing

I don’t know if this lion is supposed to be Aslan, but it suits😀

We have the Focus on the Family Radio Theater Audio Dramas of these books and everytime I listen to this quote in The Horse and His Boy,  I get shivers… Sooo good


And that’s the end! What do you think of Narnia?

Have you read the books?

Listened to the audio dramas?

Watched the movies?

Who is your favorite character?

Any guess who mine is? *wink*



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