For Jesus Only

repost - August 26, 2020 Being honest, this is a real struggle of mine. Often as I'm doing my daily life and working on the farm, many thoughts of "What if they saw me doing this! They would think I'm so cool! They would be amazed at what I can do." And really they probably … Continue reading For Jesus Only



repost - August 14,2020 What does it mean to abide in Jesus? The word abide appears over 80 times in the Bible. Lets dive into what it means and how we can apply it to our daily lives.  Google offers 3 definitions of abide:         1. Accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision or recommendation)      … Continue reading Abide

Behind the Blogger Tag

Repost - August 9, 2020 hey lovelies!!Katelyn nominated me for this cool tag!! Thank you Katelyn!!Here are the requirements for participation:😉Thank the dear blogger who nominated you  ⇑⇑😉Mention the blogger who started this tag (Great tag Ellyn!!)😉Answer the questions😉Nominate 5 or more (no ones gonna punish you if you do less though) bloggers Alrighty, enough of that! Lets … Continue reading Behind the Blogger Tag