repost- August 2, 2020

The concept of Jesus being ENOUGH has still been on my mind the last few weeks. And just recently I read a devotional that related to this idea. Our world is filled with sickness, hate, fear, sorrow and lots and lots of pain. With all the horrible things going on in our world would we choose JESUS over fixing those problems? 

A lie that is often believe by many girls (and boys I’m sure!!) around the world is the lie that God Should Fix All My Problems. We think that if we follow God, serve Him and  follow His commands then He should feel obligated to help us. The reality is that God is more concerned with changing us and glorifying Himself the solving all our issues. 

If we think that God should fix our problems doesn’t that mean that we think living a perfect life in a perfect world is better than knowing and becoming more like Jesus? 

Jesus is BETTER than life.
Jesus is BETTER than ease.
Jesus is BETTER than calm.
Jesus is BETTER than safety.
Jesus is BETTER than health.
Jesus is BETTER than a popularity.
Jesus is BETTER than a life without temptation.
Jesus is BETTER than peace. (Our life is a war girls!!!)

Jesus is BETTER than ________. (You fill it in)

Yes, life will hard, but with Jesus by our side we will make it!!!!!

Keep fighting that battle!!
๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’— Autumn


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