Behind the Blogger Tag

Repost – August 9, 2020

hey lovelies!!
Katelyn nominated me for this cool tag!! Thank you Katelyn!!
Here are the requirements for participation:😉Thank the dear blogger who nominated you  ⇑⇑😉Mention the blogger who started this tag (Great tag Ellyn!!)😉Answer the questions😉Nominate 5 or more (no ones gonna punish you if you do less though) bloggers

Alrighty, enough of that! Lets get started!!!

1. Why did you start blogging, and why have you kept blogging?

I started blogging only 4 months ago!! I always thought having a blog would be so fun and had talked to my Mom about it a few years ago but she had a few concerns. And then just recently I proposed the idea again and she said sure!! I am still blogging because I enjoy it immensely!! 

2. What is your favorite type of blog post to write?

Life, Christian Encouragement and my Short Stories

3. What are your top three favorite blog posts?

Ugh, why only 3?!?!? We Have This Hope, Every Life is Beautiful, Narnia Quotes

4. What are some of your favorite things to do to relax?

Read a book, listen to music, sort through my pictures, read a devotional, journal and work in the lettuce house. 

5. What are three of your favorite things?

Laughing so hard you can’t breathe, feeling the sunshine on my face, and giving my little sister a squeeze! I could think of so many more but since I already broke the law once, I will refrain this time. 

6. What are your hobbies outside of blogging?

Dreaming of and writing stories (doesn’t happen as much as I would like), playing games or talking and laughing with siblings and cousins, cuddling babies and puppies, reading, and taking pictures.

7. Describe your personality in three words.

Ugh, I can never answer these questions. My Mom said: Self-motivated, creative, introvert. My cousins said fun, cool, passionate and lovely. 😊

8. What are your top three pet peeves?

Siblings crowding around someone with a screen (mainly when it’s me). When you are trying to get someones attention but they have their music so loud in their earbuds that they can’t hear you even if you scream. Boys running their hands through their hair and then flicking it back *shakes head and cringes* its not cool, okay?

9. What is something your followers don’t know about you?

Hmm…. There is several things I could say… I have moved 5 times. And I have a dream of visiting every single state!!! I think I have 7 out of 50. I’ve been to a few others but not for more than a few hours so I don’t count those (lol, I’m picky). 

And that’s the end!! That was fun!!

Smile for Jesus today💗💗



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