For Jesus Only

repost – August 26, 2020

Being honest, this is a real struggle of mine. Often as I’m doing my daily life and working on the farm, many thoughts of “What if they saw me doing this! They would think I’m so cool! They would be amazed at what I can do.” And really they probably wouldn’t. I don’t do anything super special. And even if they would be amazed it doesn’t matter. AT ALL. This is not the way I want to live my life. I want to learn how to work only for Jesus. I want Him to be the only thought that runs through my mind! I don’t want to work cheerfully because of the possibility of others seeing me. I want to work cheerfully because Jesus sees me. I want to work hard and put my effort into all I do, but doing it with the thought of others seeing me is wrong. That’s not what I want. 
How do I cultivate a mind of Jesus ONLY? I really don’t know for sure. I will just continue to plow ahead and remind myself that Only He matters!

Any thoughts or ideas you have are encouraged! Comment below!


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