New Story

Repost- September 10, 2020

Hey all I have something special for you that I couldn’t wait until October to post!! *winks*

Sometimes, I just get these bursts of inspiration and this time I’m making sure this one goes somewhere! So here is the first few, unrevised, paragraphs of a story/novel (hah) or whatever this turns into. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m thinking maybe this is going to be fantasy esque so imagine a cozy log cabin, a Narnianish dress, and dragons, swords, princesses, and rescue and cozy on up with a mug of hot chocolate for 468 words from a thunderstorm inspired teen. *laughs*

(sorry that didn’t make sense. Lol. What i mean by that is this story first started while picking strawberries thinking of a good way to start a book. Why not with a thunderstorm? And it just went from there. ๐Ÿ˜†)

The thunder cracks loudly and lightning flashes. Rain falls in torrents and the tree branches bend so far they threaten to break off completely.  I pull my hood tighter over my head and lift my dress high a I run towards my family’s small log cabin. The light from a dozen candles glows through the windows with an inviting warmth.

“Arianna, is that you?” My mother comes around the corner from the kitchen, her hands and apron dusted with flour. Her fiery red hair is pulled back in a bun and a few strands, worked loose by the day’s tasks, hang loosely around her face. Her bright blue eyes show relief when she sees me. “Oh good! I was getting worried about you! You really should have taken your horse.”

“I’m fine Mother,” I assure her as I hang up my wet cloak. “I just got caught in the rain.”

Mother laughs, “I can see that!” She returns to the kitchen as a baby’s wail pierces the air. “Would you please get her, Ari? She probably woke up Evie too.”

I slip of my boots and hurry across to my bedroom. I open the door to see my little 3 year old sister, Evie sitting up in our bed, rubbing her sleepy eyes. I smile at her and ask, “Did you have a good nap, Pumpkin?” I step over to the crib that sits on the other side of the bed, beside where I sleep, and gently pick up baby Kenzie. “Hey, sweet girl,  Ari’s here.” The 17-month-old’s cries soften and she lays her soft head on my shoulder with her thumb in her mouth. I reach my hand out to Evie and help her off the bed.

I step out of the room with my sisters and lead Evie to a chair at the table. I set Kenzie her high chair. As I pour them some milk and break one of Mother’s fresh chocolate chip cookies in half for them, I tell Mother about what was going on in town. 

“Father and the boys said they’d be home as soon as the rain stops. Shay decided to stay with them. I tried to get her to come back but she insisted and Father said it was fine with him.” 

Mother shakes her head with a sigh, “Oh, that girl! She always has to be working anywhere but in the house.”

“You will not believe what was in the newspaper!!”

“Ari! You were supposed to helping your Father, why were you reading the newspaper?”

I smile sheepishly and grab a glass of milk and a cookie for myself. “I did help him! I was only reading for half and hour.”

Mother shakes her head again, but I can see a small smirk creasing her face as I continue. 

And that’s all I have!! I still need to decided what was in the newspaper. *laughs* Any suggestions? What did you all think? Should I continue?

๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—Blessings Friends!

Note from Nov 18th – this little snippet is currently being revised and added to, to become my current WIP and hopefully first book!


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