A Devotional Rebuffed

Repost- October 25, 2020

I kind of hesitate to share this… I don’t know if it’s controversial or not, but I’d love to hear your opinions!! Sooo here we go…

From Girl Wash Your Face

“God gave you gifts and strengths so that you could accomplish his plan. And while you may meet resistance as you look to use those gifts, you are not alone in your struggle.”


      Sentence 1: True 

      Sentence 2: True

“Working women sometimes have to fight their way through patriarchal systems. Working mothers get backlash from in-laws or parents who can’t understand our desire to work, while stay at-home moms slam us for being away from our children. I’ll bet stay-at-home moms feel similarly judged by working women who can’t relate to their life choices. It’s as though we’re all children on a playground trying to say whatever others want to hear; trying to hide all the parts that others might not understand. It makes me wonder how many women are walking around living into half their personality and in doing so, denying who their creator made them to be.”

      Sentence 1: wow okay. I’m not against working women at all. I understand why it’s hard for women to rise to high positions.  Men are naturally supposed to lead women. It’s how God designed it. Women are the weaker vessel and the men are supposed to love care for and guide. He respects her and she respects him. They make decisions together but ultimately if the women is respecting the man, she will let him have the final word. And if the man is respecting the women he will carefully consider her words. So yes working women sometimes do have to fight their way through patriarchal systems. I just hope in their fighting they are absolutely positive God wants them to be at the top and that they aren’t putting down men while getting there. Men need to do the same. 

      Sentence 2: I don’t support condemning or back lashing but I do not agree with working mothers. I know sometimes there are instances when the mother absolutely had to work, but is she working to keep her children well or to satisfy her longings for work?  (speaking as someone who is not a mother, but would love to be someday) As mothers our work is in the home. Our family is our highest priority next to God. God has called us to be mothers and work in the home. Are we throwing away that calling to do what we want and work outside the home?

      Sentence 3:Working women should not be condemning stay at home Moms either. They have chosen to follow God’s call. They are working anyway. Just at raising warriors. I hope those working have followed Gods call too. I pray they aren’t using birth control just so they can continue working. I hope they aren’t putting their baby in daycare at 4 months old. 

      Sentence 4: we should not be hiding what others may not understand. We need to share our feelings, our motives and talk it through. 

      Sentence 5: I wonder too. 

“Do you really think God made you-uniquely, wonderful you-in hopes you would deny your true self because it might be off-putting to others? I can’t believe that’s true. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I believe that God made me this way. He knew I would have a worker’s heart, and he knew I would want to build big dreams. In the same way, he knew another one of his children was meant to stay home and raise her beautiful babies while another daughter of his wouldn’t want to have kids at all.”


      Sentence 1:  Yes I do!!! Luke 9:23: “And he said to all, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.
‘” God has called us to deny ourselves! Our true selves are sinful and selfish. We want what will please us and give us joy. Now, that said, once you deny former life and a line yourself with His word and His calling for yourself, then you shouldn’t deny your life in Christ because it might be off-putting to others. That part of our life we don’t deny to please the world. But your true, sinful, selfish, self. Yes I do think God wants us to deny that.

      Sentence 3 and 4: Want. The key word in there is WANT. You would want to build big dreams. But what does God WANT? I’m wondering what you have given up to follow your wants. What about your kids? Your family? Were you thinking about their needs and wants first? 

      Sentence 5: I keep hearing the word want. ITS NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT!!! Part of the reason this world is messed up is because we are all going after our wants. That’s why birth control and abortion exists. I don’t think ANYONE should say “I don’t want to have kids.” NOBODY should have that mind. And we can’t say that’s okay if they do. It’s not. God made us, as women to have and raise babies. Most of us, if we follow God’s Wants will have babies. It’s not okay for someone to say “I don’t want kids”, take a pill and go off and work. ITS NOT OKAY. If you have to take a pill to prevent pregnancy, then you can be sure you are going against Gods will. He is the one who opens and closes the womb. If he wants you to work then trust him to keep the womb closed. If he opens it then you stay home and raise that warrior. 

“Have you spent a lifetime muting yourself for fear of what others will think? Are you an entrepreneur who calls your business a hobby because you are worried about what your mother in law will say or because it’s safer to keep everyone’s expectations low? Are you hesitating to go back to school because you think you’re not smart enough? Do you stop yourself from daring to try something new because you’re already positive you’ll fail? Do you remain silent when you have so much to say? Do you believe you’ll never do better or be better than you are right now because of your family of origin? Do you hesitate to admit your dreams aloud because you’re nervous about others making fun of you or judging you for your choices?”

“I believe that you are not a mistake-and feeling guilt about who you are (working, staying at home, overweight, underweight, overeducated, uneducated, emotional, bookish, street-smart, or whatever) does a disservice to yourself and the creator who made you. There are hundreds of ways to lose yourself, but the easiest of them all is refusing to acknowledge who you truly are in the first place. You-the real you—is not an accident.”

In Conclusion: (last paragraph) YOU are NOT an accident. Today made you who you are for a reason. Working or stay at home. But through whatever job you have (Motherhood is a job too!! – maybe the hardest one out there…) deny yourself – your wants, your desires, your thoughts of what others will think. It’s not about you. It’s about Him. And contrary to what this sectional seems to say you are not your true self until you follow God’s plan. The REAL you is not what you may think it is. It’s not what others say you are. It’s not always what you want to be. Its who He made you to be. 

Whew, okay! Soo, I’m really eager to hear your thoughts about this! Please comment!!

“Have you ever believed that you aren’t good enough?” (From Girl Wash Your Face)

Guess what. You AREN’T! You are NOT good enough. Everyone tries to tell you that you are, but seriously you ARE. NOT.

That’s the whole reason Jesus came. Because we are not good enough. That’s why we need him.


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