12 Days of Christmas ~ DIY Christmas Cards ~Day Three

Repost – December 16,2020

G ‘morning y’all!! How are you on this fine Wednesday? The days keep ticking by, so enjoy every moment! 

We are probably all trying to decide who we are going to give Christmas gifts to this year. And how better to top of a Christmas gift then with a simple, homemade card!! I love beautiful simplicity, so I’m going to be sharing 5 simple card designs that I made this year. 


-practice first!! I failed to do so and used up a bunch of my good paper with mess-ups-look up creative ways to different letters

-if you mess up, try filling in (like I did with the star. It makes it look better and I can mess with the width

)-I love doing stars to dot my “i”s and “j”s. It adds a Christmasy touch!

-Be creative and have fun!! Nobody expects perfection. Only computers can accomplish that! *wink*

“Merry Christmas”
“The Weary World Rejoices

“Silent Night Star”
“Merry and Bright”

“Joy To The World Holly”

What do you think? 

Which card is your favorite?

Did these inspire any card creativeness in you?

I hope so!!

Before you go, stop by Faith’s blog for all the links to today’s party posts!! 

Annnnd enter the giveaway!!! It’s open and will run through Christmas Eve! The winner will be announced Christmas Day. There’s some great prizes!!! 

Enjoy the Moment



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