12 Days of Christmas ~ Christmas Devo ~ Day Seven

Repost December 20, 2020

14 days of Homeschool – gotta love this!

I was trying to decide what to write as a little devo, and this is what I came up with. Happy Christmas  Sunday!

C – Christ. ~ “The anointed one” “The chosen one” Jesus is the chosen one, the special one, and yet he decided to choose us too! He wants us to share in his position. He wants us to live with Him.

H- Hope ~ In a world filled with violence, rage, and lies, Jesus came as a helpless baby. The Hope he brings is indescribable!

R- Resurrection~ Behind the true meaning of Christmas is the cross and resurrection. That’s why Jesus came. And without Christmas there would be no Easter. 

I- Innkeeper ~ The innkeepers turned away Joseph and Mary. If they had only known that they were also turning away God’s Son. Jesus said that whatever we do to the least of these we do to Him. Don’t turn Jesus away, friends.

S-Shepherds ~ Being a shepherd was the lowliest job during the time that Jesus lived. And yet shepherds were the first people that heard about Jesus’s birth. God loves the lowliest, the sinful, those who need His grace. Don’t forget that His grace is for you too.

T- Tidings ~ The news of Jesus birth is the BEST NEWS anyone could ever receive! It’s REALLY GOOD NEWS!!! It should make you want to sing and cry, shout and dance, share it!!

M- Merry ~ Christmas is a time to be merry! Remember what God had done for you, how he has blessed you, and be merry!

A- Advent ~ Advent is a time to remember Jesus birth. To remind ourselves what the world was like before he came. To prepare ourselves to receive Him. 

S-Savior~ Our Savior is here!! Rejoice!! Christmas is all about how we God loves us so much that he gave us a way to escape our sin… Jesus!

Before you go, stop by Faith’s blog for all the links to today’s party posts!! 

Annnnd enter the giveaway!!! It’s open and will run through Christmas Eve! The winner will be announced Christmas Day. There are some great prizes!!! 

Treasure Each Moment!



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