12 Days of Christmas ~ Movie Review: The Nativity ~Day Eleven

Repost- December 24, 2020

Happy Christmas Eve Lovelies!! Crazy isn’t it! I hope you have been treasuring this Christmas season, cause it’s almost over!! Today I want to share with you another great Christmas movie – perfect for watching tonight!!!

Guys. You must watch this movie. You MUST!!!!!! Its amazing!!

Definitely a 5 out of 5 for teenagers +. Some scenes may be intense for sensitive little people(you’d should expect that really, I mean this is about the Savior, and our broken world He came to save.) like the birth scenes, watching a young girl being dragged off by a Roman, seeing men hanging on crosses, and the massacre of the innocents (doesn’t really show much, but there is screaming). 

Even though I gave it 5 stars, I do have some complaints. The minor one is that the wise men come to the stable, which didn’t happen in real life. They came to a house like 2 years later. But it is The Nativity Story, so I guess they had to make everything “perfect” like a nativity scene. But despite that perfection, they do a good job of showing the human side of Mary and Joseph. The other problem, the major one that really bugs me is the multitude of heavenly host that is not there. It’s just Gabriel. There is singing, but no angels… Anyway, those are the only complaints I have. 

This is something our family watches every year around Christmas time. It opened my eyes to what it may have been like for Mary and Joseph, and it’s so moving. It always makes me cry! And the music… just wow. I recently found the sound track on Spotify and it’s so amazing. I love how it mixes Christmas carols in. You must listen. It gives me shivers. (just search The Nativity Story)

So if you need a great movie for Christmas Eve, this is the ONE!! 
⛄⛄Have a great Christmas Eve!🎄🎄


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