12 Days of Christmas ~ Merry Christmas!!!! ~ Day 12

Repost December 25, 2020

Wow is it really Christmas Day? And the last day of this blog party!?! It has been so fun, and I hope you have all enjoyed it! Comment and let me know which days were your favorite or what you’d like to see next year! And  now I have a short little story for you this special Christmas morn! 

Just a Girl

by Autumn

    The sun scorched Mary’s face as she skipped along the dusty path. Her bare feet barely touched the ground and her hair flew out behind her. A happy smile stretched across her face. Lifting her hand, she waved to her friend, Salome. The merry fifteen-year-old was on her way home from taking food to her brothers, who were out in the fields, and she always made a little detour to run past her friends house and say hello. 

    Mary lived a comfy and easy life in Nazareth. Her father always made enough to pay taxes, and the Romans never bothered them. She had several brothers and sisters and lots of friends and she never once gave thought for food or safety. 

    Running in through the door into her families small house, Mary stopped short and drew a sharp breath. Her father and mother stood looking at her with serious faces, and behind them stood a young man. 


    Mary raced through the fields, the tall green wheat swishing as she ran, tears blinding her eyes. At last she reached her haven, panting from her quick escape, and collapsed under the flowing branches of the olive tree. For several moments she lay there, staring up at the sturdy trunk, hand on her heart, hardly daring to let herself think. 

    Betrothed. Fresh tears came to her eyes. How could this happen to me? I’m just a girl! Her mother had always prepared her for betrothal, reminding her every night that it could happen anytime. She was fifteen already! Her mother had been betrothed at an even younger age. But Mary never took her mother’s words to heart. She never expected this day would come so soon. She was so young. She never thought anyone would want a girl. She wasn’t like all the other married women she knew. They were all grown up, they were real women. Beautiful. She was just… just Mary. She had always thought Joseph was a nice young man, but had never dreamed he would want her. Mary sat up so fast her head began to spin, as more and more realization of what this was going to mean hit her. No more freedom. No more skipping down the dusty paths, no more running through the fields to dream under this tree. No more laughing and singing with her friends. She was considered a women now. She would have to learn to cook and keep a home. She would have to behave like a women. And in a year she would have her own home. She would be married and living all alone, without her mother, or father or siblings. In two years, she would probably have a child. Mary buried her face in her knees as it all overwhelmed her. She was just a girl ten minutes ago, but now. Now she was… betrothed. Why had this happened to her?


    Mary walked slowly down the path to the village well, her mind wandering. It had been a long month. She watched as the women holding young children walked past and waved to her. She had always wanted to be a mother and have children, but now that it was upon her she felt small and scared. She had been getting used to the idea of marriage and she could see herself having a happy life with Joseph, but the thought that she would never be able to run through the fields and be by herself, and act like a little girl, made her feel empty, like something was missing. 

    After filling her mothers jars with water, she took them back to the house and before her mother could tell her something else to do, she hurried back out and began running toward her olive tree. She wasn’t married yet, and till she was she was going to act as much like a girl as possible. 

    Laying beneath the olive tree she looked up at the sturdy branches and cluster of olives still hard and green. Suddenly she snapped upright as a bright light flashed in front of her. 


    What had just happened? Mary drew a deep breath, but it caught in her throat. The angel was gone. The full weight of what was happening had not yet settle on her but the little she felt was heavy as a grindstone.  The Son of God? She would give birth to the Messiah? But, if she became pregnant, what would happen to her. No one would believe her. She could be stoned. Everyone would think she had been unfaithful. Joseph would know it wasn’t his son. He wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t anyone else’s either! She felt a strange sense of peace and yet everything in her cried out fear and doubt! Elizabeth. The angel said she was pregnant, and yet she was so old. Maybe she would understand! Maybe she would believe. I have to go see her. Mary jumped up and began to run back towards the house, but suddenly stopped when she remembered the angel’s words. It didn’t seem right to run if she was carrying a child. Her freedom was being whittled away even sooner then she suspected. 


    Mary hurried through the gate and into the bright and spacious courtyard. “Elizabeth? Are you home?

    The door opened and Elizabeth rushed out, her stomach large with her baby of six months. “Mary!!!” Mary ran into her outspread arms and Elizabeth held her tightly. “Oh you dear girl! Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the baby in your womb!”

    Mary looked at Elizabeth in astonishment, “How do you know?”

    Elizabeth rested a hand on Mary’s cheek. “When I heard your greeting the baby within me leapt for joy. Who am I that the mother of the Savior would come visit me?”

    Tears began pouring down Mary’s face. “Oh Elizabeth! Why is it me? My soul glorifies the Lord that he should choose me to be His servant, and I am humbled at the mercy he has shown, but I don’t feel worthy!”

    Elizabeth smiled, “No one ever feels worthy of what Yahweh has called them too. We just simply believe and follow as He has commanded. He gives the strength we need. I can see in your eyes that He has given you peace. I can tell that you believe.”

    “I do believe in my heart, but by mind is trying everything to let all the doubts and fears in!”

    “Ahh, yes. You must just keep pushing them away. Come inside dear, We will continue talking, but I’m sure you are quite famished, you must eat for two you know!” Elizabeth laughed and pulled Mary inside. 


    The fire blazed bright and warm by the river. Mary sat staring ponderingly into it, slowly munching on her supper. Joseph tied up their donkey on a bush a few yards away and then came and sat down beside her. 

    It had been almost 6 months since Mary had returned to Nazareth and told her family and Joseph of the angels visit. Joseph had been upset, which she expected. All the way home she kept wondering how Yahweh would save His Son, since she would most certainly be stoned. Her parents were mad. They didn’t believe her. Joseph didn’t seem to either but after a moment of thinking he said he couldn’t stand to see her stoned. He decided to just divorce her without anyone knowing. Mary was grateful, but was also wondering how she would raise the Son of Yahweh on her own. 

    The next morning she was helping her mother prepare supper when Joseph burst through the door. His hair was ruffled and he looked as if he hadn’t slept all night. With wide eyes, he told her that an angel had visited him in a dream and told him that the baby within her was indeed conceived by the Holy Spirit and that the angel told him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife. They had married a week later. It was a small, family-only wedding, unlike the wedding Mary and her mother had been planning when she first learned of her betrothal. But it was a meaningful and special day, and Mary could see that Joseph truly loved her and was willing to do anything to care for her and her baby. She knew what his would mean for his reputation. People would only look on them with shame. Joseph was an honorable man, well thought of by everyone in Nazareth. But now, he would be the one everyone pointed to and said, “Don’t be like him.” 

    Only a few days ago, Romans had rode into town and told everyone that they would have to travel to their hometown – Caesar was taking a census. Joseph had been born in Bethlehem, which meant that they would have to travel to Bethlehem. Mary’s parents begged them to wait until the baby was born, but everyone knew they would get in trouble if they didn’t go soon. Mary had agreed to go, knowing Joseph and Yahweh would take good care of her. They had left Nazareth early that morning and were finally camping for the night. 


    Joseph pointed toward a small town just down the next mountain. “That’s Bethlehem!” He looked back at his wife and asked compassionately, “How are you feeling?”

    They had been traveling slowly for over a week, and the journey had been tiring and painful for one so late in pregnancy. “I think I can make that far. But I think the baby will come tonight.” Mary felt apprehension and anticipation at the same time. 

    Joseph nodded. “Pray we can find a room in an inn. They are probably near full. 


Mary cried out in pain. The Savior was coming. Holding her stomach and breathing deeply as Elizabeth had taught her, she laid her head on Joseph’s shoulder as he helped her off the donkey. Joseph carried her into the dark cave and tried to find the softest place for her to lay. He prayed that Yahweh would give him the strength to help his wife through the long night ahead. He thanked the innkeeper for the torch and blankets. He placed the torch in a holder nearby and sat down beside Mary, letting her squeeze his hand as another contraction came. He wrapped his arm around her and together they cried out to Yahweh for strength. 


Mary stared in wonder as Joseph laid the tiny bundle in her arms. A feeling of unfathomable wonder swept over her. He was here. This screaming child was the One who would save the world. And she had just given birth to Him. The tears poured down her cheeks in rivers. She felt Joseph squeeze her hand and looked up into his kind face, seeing the tears that filled his own eyes. She realized how much she had come to rely on the Joseph for strength. She saw now why Yahweh had allowed her to be betrothed. He knew she would need Joseph. Yahweh’s plan was always best. And yet even holding the Savior in her arms, she could still feel the doubts creeping in. Could she… could they… really raise the Son of Yahweh? She still didn’t understand why they had been chosen, but she felt a overwhelming sense of peace. Yahweh had bestowed on them a very special privilege, and even though she would never fell worthy and always continue to wonder why, she would never question Yahweh’s faithfulness.


Leaning against Joseph’s shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her, Joseph and Mary watched their sleeping child in Mary’s arms. Mary brushed her hand across Jesus’ cheek and whispered, “The Savior.” The awe overwhelmed her again and fresh tears rolled down her face. 

    Joseph’s voice choked with emotion as he whispered back with equal awe, “He’s here.” 

    Mary closed her eyes and sighed, the joy almost to much for her. “And me,” A smile crossed her face, “His mother. I will never understand Yahweh’s ways.” 

    Joseph nodded, looking out the cave into the night sky. One star shone brighter than all the others, casting it’s soft light down on the young couple. Looking down at the baby he touched the Savior’s soft hair. “What a miracle.” 


I hope you enjoyed this little story. I’ll admit I had trouble capturing such a momentous and precious event with words, and I went back and forth over what to say and how to say it. I know I didn’t do it perfectly, especially since it was written in a fairly short time and received little to no revision.  But I hope this attempt, will, at least somewhat, help to remind you of the true meaning Christmas, and give you joy and awe once again, at the miraculous birth of YOUR Savior. 

The song that sort of inspired this story

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