Preparing for Valentine’s Day

Repost February 8, 2021

The first big holiday of 2021 is less than a week away!! Are you planning anything special? 

Usually, when we think of valentine’s day we think of roses, chocolate, pink and red, and love and romance. I’m not at the age yet where when every valentine’s day comes around, I sob buckets of tears because I don’t have a “valentine” to spend the day with. Maybe a few of you readers are, but I think most of you, are just happy to get some extra chocolate. *wink* But hey, even we could all use some reminders that we are beautiful, we are loved, and God has a story for us. So, I’m here to share some encouragement to help you enjoy the holiday, have fun, share some love and realize that you are already someone’s valentine, and oh so loved!! (and if you are girl wishing for a valentine, this is for you too! <3)

I’m going to try and post each day this week with quotes and Bible verses for you to dwell on as we near “The Love Holiday.”

Today’s Be My Valentine Challenge!

It’s important that those closest to us know how much we love them. Today, plan what you will do for your parents and siblings on Valentine’s Day. While you prepare your gifts listen to music that reminds you of God’s love.


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