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Repost May 25, 2021

Tag adapted a bit from the original: The Narnia Tag – S. J. Barnard

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🗡Mention the person who nominated you 

🗡Rate your degree of “Narnia fanatic” (see below) 

🗡Answer the Questions

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Scale of Fanaticism

🗡Nostalgic Fanatic: You read the books and/or watched the movies a child and now that you are older, the word Narnia gives you a warm feeling

🗡Serious Fanatic: You rediscovered the wonder of Narnia after you were older and have read the books and watched the movies

🗡Maniacal Fanatic: You have lived Narnia from childhood, hid in closets on more occasions than is healthy and have read and watched all the movies including the BBC versions. 

Thank you so much for tagging me Katelyn!  This will be so fun! 

Okay so I’d say I’m somewhere in between a serious and maniacal fanatic. I knew some about Narnia as a kid, but it wasn’t until tween years until I fell in love with it. I’ve read all the books and watched the Disney movies. I watched a few of the BBC ones but hated them so much, I didn’t finish. I’d still like to see the Silver Chair, just because Disney doesn’t have that one. I love Narnia enough to have play acted that I was Lucy or Susan with my sibs, but I was old enough to know that it wasn’t real so I never went looking for it in closets or anything. 


Who’s your favorite Pevensie sibling?  

This is hardly a fair question but I have to go with Lucy… When me and my siblings would play Narnia, I would always be Susan cause she was the oldest girl… (I may or may not have pretended she came back to Narnia in the end) But then I watched Prince Caspian and was disgusted by the Caspian + Susan thing. And then I watched The Voyage and just absolutely loved older Lucy. She’s so brave and valiant and she doesn’t doubt Aslan – ever. Her desire to look like Susan and be beautiful (hello? You already are girl!!) and then Aslan telling her “Don’t run from who you are” and showing her that she had value, was really amazing and spoke to me. 

I also love Edmund just because he was such a traitor and yet Aslan forgave him and loved him… and died for him. And then Ed was just amazing throughout the rest of the books. 

But Lucy wins this one 😉

What is the most underrated Narnia book?

Hmmm…. maybe The Horse and His Boy. The Magician’s Nephew is the first… The Last Battle is the last… and the other four have some kind of movie… so I feel like The Horse and His Boy is just kind of there and not many people think about it… but it’s one of my favorites!!! 

Who’s your favorite Narnian King?

Since I already picked between the four Pevensies I’m going to make my choice of favorite King from the others…. I think my choice would have to be King Frank, the very first Narnian King. He was such a kind man and so believing and truthful. He was humble and didn’t believe he was worthy enough to be king but stepped up and served. We didn’t get to see much of his reign, but I’m sure he was a loyal and just king, the first in the charge and the last to retreat. 

Who’s your favorite Narnia Queen?

There wasn’t many Narnia queens mentioned…. and so I’d just like to spotlight Queen Susan. We shall put aside the Caspian + Susan thing, and then Susan is  pretty awesome. She’s gentle and yet very brave. She’s not afraid to go into battle. She’s probably the most cautious Pevensie sibling and she is the last one to believe in Narnia. But when she does believe, she believes with her whole heart, at least for a little while. I find it so sad that this beautiful queen turned away from her faith, but I think it’s a lesson Lewis wanted to teach us. But I love imagining that eventually Susan believes again!

Which non-human Narnian do you like best?(besides Aslan of course cause that’s a given)

Hmm this is hard but I think it might be Fledge. He’s such a dear😊

Other favorites would be Reepicheep, Bree, Puddleglum and Mr. Tumnus. 

Which book deserves a movie?

All of them!!!! I really love the Disney ones (Well kinda…. the LWW is great, PC is terrible, and VDT, I love yet have mixed feelings cause it’s so far from the book. But put aside 4h4 books, and they were really one done and acted, and the visuals are amazing) and the actors for that are amazing… but now its been like 10 years and the Pevensies could work for HHB and TLB but Eustace could hardly work for SC. So someone just needs to make the whole series I guess… and quickly so they can keep all the actors. But not sure if i would like them as much just cause I grew up on the Disney ones. But anywho, yeah they all deserve a movie!!

What is your favorite Narnia quote?

So I replaced this question cause I didn’t really like the the other one😝… and I didn’t have an answer to it. 

I love so many but two of my favs:



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