You Can’t

Repost July 29, 2021

 I don’t know if you’d call this a poem, but this was something I wrote for my Exodus verses post… and I wanted to share it by it’s self….

You Can’t

by autumn

You can’t move.

The pain is too great.

The roar of battle is all around, 

but the shadow that falls on you assures you that

He is still standing. 

You’ve tried your best.

You fought as hard as you could.

But you couldn’t do it yourself, and eventually, you fell. 

But as you fell, a shadow covered you and boots landed beside you.

You saw the sun glisten of the shield and the reflection of deep blue eyes as He held the sword in your defense. 

With a cry that screams His love for you, He fights.

He fights for you, even when you can’t.


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