Write For Life Blog Tour ~ Intro Post ~ Why I am Pro-Life

Repost October 1, 2021

Hello Again Friends!

I’m so thrilled to share with you the start of the Write for Life Blog Tour! This tour is to honor the babies who have been murdered by the horrible practice of abortion. It is also to launch two new pro-life books, releasing this month! In this post I will start with the Honor Life Challenge, then move onto the reasons why I am pro-life and finally share some more about the books!

Day One-#WhyImProlife


1. Because children are a heritage from the Lord – some versions say “gift”. The definition of heritage is “a special or individual possession.”  The definition of gift is “a thing given willingly to someone without payment.” Everyone loves free things, right? Why would we refuse a special free gift of a child from THE CREATOR?

2. I believe a baby is a human from the moment of conception. (Job 31:15, Psalm 139:14-16, Jeremiah 1;5, Genesis 1:27) Abortion is murder. (Exodus 20:13)

3. Babies bring so much joy. They teach us so much. Raising children is full of pain, hardship, and unspeakable joy. I’ve only experienced tastes of this, as I watch my younger siblings grow up. Children teach us so much. They teach us more about God, more about life, and they teach us dependency. 

4. Children are arrows. If you are going to be fighting in a battle, you are going to be in a tough spot if you have don’t have any arrows. Sorry to say, but you won’t last very long. Psalm 127:4, says that “Children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. He will not be put to shame when his enemies are in the gate.”
    Children are raised to be shot out and pierce the strongholds of the enemy. 

5. Children give praise to God – Psalm 8:2 says “You have taught children and infants to give you praise.” In Matthew 19:14 Jesus says the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to little children. God views them as very special and important people. 

6. If you aren’t pro-life humanity is going to die out! Should be quite obvious, but you kind of need babies to continue humanity! 

7. A person’s a person no matter how small. Psalm 139:13, Mark 9:36-37

8. How can you not be? Just look at these pictures! They melt my heart! đź¤©

You were once a babe yourself, and you should be eternally thankful that your parents believed that you were special, that you had a life worth living. They chose life for you. Somedays are rough, but never forget that God has known you since the moment your life began – conception. He saw you before anyone else did and He has formed you and fashioned you and continues to shape your life into who He created you to be. So remember how God shaped you and remember how you parents chose you, and keep living!

Now a little more on the books!

Sustainer’s Smile(Truth From Taerna 4)by Erika Mathews

“Sustainer’s Smile is coming! It’s Book Four of Truth from Taerna, it can be read as a standalone, and it tells the story of Liliora Ellith, who makes peace with her past and discovers her future among the cradles of Taerna’s unwanted babies, born and unborn.

RELEASE DATE: October 21, 2021


Suffering suffocates her soul. 

How can she ever smile again?

A helpless newborn…that’s exactly how twenty-four-year-old Liliora Ellith feels in her efforts to speak up on behalf of the youngest members of Taerna’s pleasure-driven society. Her tender heart for the defenseless and deep aversion to conflict throw Liliora’s soul into turmoil when tragedy opens her eyes to the quiet yet heartrending war on Taerna’s babies—both born and unborn. Adon Olam’s Word coupled with a secret in her own past fuel her determination. All she wants is to make peace with her past and discover her future among the cradles of unwanted babies. However, the challenges ahead of her threaten to send her spiraling into hopeless depression time and again. Saving innocent lives from the crush of the destroyer and raising a generation in the ways of Adon Olam seem more impossible than ever. At the very end of herself, will the sufferings of her and her babies prove to be anything less than the catalyst for complete disaster?

GENRE: clean kingdom adventure fiction, recommended for fourteen and up due to addressing the topic of abortion

CONTENT: no magic, romance, or language. Abortion is mentioned or thought about by characters but happens entirely off-page. There are a few unwed mothers but it isn’t condoned.”

To Save A Life(Natty’s Warriors 1)by R.M. Peterson

RELEASING October 22, 2021


Book 1 of Natty’s Warriors, this book tells the story of two young couples: one with big questions and one with the answers they need. When a baby is born alive after a botched abortion, the parents are faced with questions they have never considered. This story follows their journey to the Answers they need regarding Christ, the value of Life, and what they must do to turn their lives around.

GENRE: contemporary pro-life novel

CONTENT: mildly detailed medical sequences (no gory details, but mentions blood), abortion mentioned and explained, unmarried couple have a child, but no details prior to the baby being born, mild descriptions of hemophilia and miscarriage (mostly just mentioning that a character has them).

Write For Life Schedule (here’s the schedule for the next few days, I’ll be back on Monday to continue the Honor Life Challenge!)P.S. I’m only sharing the blog schedule… be sure to check out these ladies social media accounts for posts too!

October 1

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October 2

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October 4

Joy C. Woodbury at Discipleship With Joy – prolife post

Make sure you check out all the other posts for great encouragement and more book fun!!!!See ya again soon!-autumn


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