Honor Life Challenge – Helping the Homeless

Repost October 11, 2021

Day Five – Helping the Homeless

Write For Life Schedule (here’s the schedule for the next few days, Check back here on Friday!)P.S. I’m only sharing the blog schedule… be sure to check out these ladies social media accounts for posts too!

October 11

Joy C. Woodbury at Discipleship With Joy – Sustainer’s Smile review

Katja Labonté at Little Blossoms for JesusDear Child

October 12 

Madisyn at Madi’s MusingsResponding to Abortion Arguments Part 2

Lauren Compton at Novels That Encourage – prolife post

October 13

Jen Rose at Living Outside the Lines – Sustainer’s Smile character spotlight: Carita

Akira Rodriguez at With Joyful Praise – Sustainer’s Smile review

October 14

Vanessa Hall at Vanessa Hall – Sustainer’s Smile review

Stephanie Agnes-Crockett at Stephanie’s Ninth Suitcase – Sustainer’s Smile post

October 15

Autumn Lehman at Bursting Through the Darkness – Sustainer’s Smile spotlight

Kelsey Bryant at Kelsey’s Notebook – Sustainer’s Smile character spotlight: Rita


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