To Save A Life by R.M. Peterson~ Cover Reveal

Repost October 11, 2021

 Hello my friends!!

Today I am super excited to share with you the cover of a very precious novel! I gave you a little teaser up there, but here’s the real thing! (well after some info…)

To Save A Life (Natty’s Warriors 1) by R.M. Peterson

RELEASING October 22, 2021


Book 1 of Natty’s Warriors, this book tells the story of two young couples: one with big questions and one with the answers they need. When a baby is born alive after a botched abortion, the parents are faced with questions they have never considered. This story follows their journey to the Answers they need regarding Christ, the value of Life, and what they must do to turn their lives around.

GENRE: contemporary pro-life novel

CONTENT: mildly detailed medical sequences (no gory details, but mentions blood), abortion mentioned and explained, unmarried couple have a child, but no details prior to the baby being born, mild descriptions of hemophilia and miscarriage (mostly just mentioning that a character has them).


You can preorder, or check out Ryana’s blog for more info!!! And stick around for the Write for Life tour!

AND NOW….. for the cover!

Isn’t it so cute!!! I’m so excited to read this book, it’s gonna be so precious!

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