More Than Conquerors Book II Reveal!

Repost – November 30, 2021

Good morning, all!! Today is the last day of KDWC *sobs* I’ve enjoyed it sooo much, and everyone has been so fun and helpful and encouraging. 💛

Today, I’d like to help out another KDWC camper, Kaitlyn King, and share about her new book!

Contact the Author!



Kaitlyn King has a really cool series – More Than Conquerors! Book one is already released and book two is just now being announced!

First….book I! (click link to add to Goodreads)

The Forgotten Prince

A Wicked King, A Corrupt Church, and A Forgotten Prince. Endor, the kingdom of conquerors, is rife with intrigue, manipulation, and even murder. After his mother’s death, Tridan, the youngest of seven princes, was sent away for his own protection. No one would expect to find a prince feeding sheep at the Lazarus Monastery. It’s a mundane life, but at least it is safe. That is, it was, until twelve-year-old Tridan finds out it is time to return home to Endor. There, dangers lie around every corridor; even from his own family. To survive, he will have to become more than a conqueror.

Official Blurb

Now, I have not read these books yet – I just learned about them this month, but Book 1 is added to my TBR!! They look really awesome!

Book two is not on any platforms yet, so just give it some time…. Here’s the title and the cover!

Secrets in the Shadows!!

I love the simplicity of these covers, yet they still have a really epic feel! 😍

Enjoy the last day of November my friends!!




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