Christmas Countdown – 6 Days Until Christmas! – Welcome/Favorite Memories-

Hello all! Welcome to The Christmas Countdown!!

Today I’m going to be sharing some favorite Christmas memories that readers, friends and family sent in. Plus, I’ll share mine!


My favorite Christmas memory… Driving around on Christmas Eve night, after church, to see the lights (some people really go all out on the decorating). Oohing and ahhing with my brother, pointing at all the brightly lit houses. Saying “did you see that” way too much. Coming home to snuggle a mug of cocoa and watch A Christmas Carol. Creeping out of my room to sit in the light of the Christmas tree at two am. Eating orange cinnamon rolls while opening stockings, the TV “fireplace” crackling in the background. Unwrapping gifts, then relaxing and watching the world wake up.


My favorite Christmas memory is from a few years ago. It was Christmas Eve, and my family was sitting around the living room, singing. Suddenly, the lights went out. We checked and sure enough, the electricity was out for the whole area! We lit a few candles, continued singing and read the Christmas story at the light of a candle. It was the simplicity of it all that made is so special. 🙂


I loved the one Christmas evening my big “brother” cousin texted me while I was at Grandma’s house asking me when we would be back so we could play a board game with other cousins. That was the best Christmas ever; knowing I was wanted.


I have to say I have lots but one of mine would be last year on Christmas Eve Day we delivered Christmas goodies to our neighbors and a few friends, and one neighbor was so pleased she almost cried and that was really special.


One of my family’s holiday traditions, with memories even more special now that my grandfather passed this summer, is that my Dads side of the family sings together from old church hymnals. It’s beautiful! My grandparents, parents, 2 pairs of uncles and aunts, 10 of us grandkids… we raise the roof 🥰 A favorite hymn when we sing is There’s A Light Guiding Me, and carol, is Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.


I remember as a kid coming downstairs Christmas morning, it’s cold outside, the fire’s blazing, the stockings are hanging up, and it’s just a fun time of being together as a family. A relaxing day where now one does anything but be together.


For several years my family would get together and all the aunts and uncles and cousins would have a big sleepover. The next morning we would have a big brunch and then watch movies – which was a big deal because we like never watched movies!!

Siblings (Joe and Briana)

The days spent at the cabin at Christmastime and sledding last year!


Honestly just being with family!!

My Favorite Christmas Memory (ies)

Well, I don’t know if this is my favorite – but it’s the one I’m thinking about right now. Last year at the cabin (we go the week before Christmas with my Mom’s family to celebrate), we had a lot of snow and there was a great hill right next to the cabin that was totally epic! After dark the one night a bunch of us went out and decided to do some sledding! Quite scary 😏😮 We had one flashlight, so we would pile into two sleds and then the front person would have the light. But with all the trees around it was a life-or-death situation. Thankfully, we all lived. 😛 Afterward we gathered round the fire and warmed up and had some good cousin conversation 🥰

Another favorite memory is from many years ago, so I don’t remember all the details. Dad and took several of us older children to Journey to Bethlehem, an interactive Nativity Story at a nearby retreat center. We rode in a wagon someplace, followed a shepherd to the rest of the group (and Dad told him he feeds our donkey gas, not oats 🤣), received hot chocolate from them, got to see the angels, and then eventually ended our trip at the manger. Then we got to ride back in a big school bus that was toasty warm, and we watched a music video for “Mary, Did You Know.” That was special and made an impact on my young self 💗

But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart. – Luke 2:19

Also, I wanted to share about another friend who is also doing a countdown to Christmas called Blogging All The Way! I had the opportunity to guest post on Jovey’s Journal on Wednesday (the 15th) and there’s some other great guests every day till Christmas!

Swing on by tomorrow for another post!


What’s your favorite Christmas memory? Share in the comments!


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