The Single Line Story Challenge

I’ve seen this tag floating around and thought “That looks really fun and really hard!” Thanks, Bethany, for tagging me!


  • Be sure to thank the person who tagged you!
  • Write five single line stories that fall under any of these genres (you pick which ones you do! Choose five genres that are easy or challenge yourself to try something new!)
    • Fantasy
    • Romance
    • Thriller
    • Mystery
    • Western
    • Contemporary
    • Historical
    • Drama
    • Dystopian
    • Adventure
    • Sci-fi
    • Paranormal
    • Young Adult
  • Nominate five bloggers/writers who you’d love to see participate and leave an open nomination for all writers!
  • You can do this challenge more than once!

Alrighty, (*rubs hands together*) let’s do this thing!


Dragen lifted his sword and spun around with a cry, face glistening with sweat, hair plastered to his forehead and drew back with a sigh of relief when all he saw was his baby sister, blonde curls bouncing as he ran to him, arms outstretched.


The sun slid behind the distant hills and painted brilliant hues of orange and pink across the sky as the band of dusty cowboys wound up their lassos and raised their hats in a hearty cheer as the final cow was driven into the south pasture and the gate was latched.


Tiffani heaved her bright pink backpack over her shoulder, collected her phone, water bottle, class schedule, and keys in her hands and headed toward the college that towered to intimating heights before her eyes.


A lone man wanders through the smoking ruins of a once thriving metropolis, hood pulled low over his eyes as the sounds of screeching brakes, mechanical appliances, and the hum of thousands of people float through his memory, all silenced by a single blow.


Lara gripped her brother’s arm tighter and muffled a scream as the mangy dog thundered toward them, tongue outstretched, tail wagging, and muscles rippling as he geared up for a mighty shake; bath time gone wrong.

I Tag:

(trying to pick people who weren’t already tagged!)

Sherrice @ Penlightenment

Hannah @ More Than Just Reading

Martha @ Beyond The Literary Horizon

Heaven @ Glorify Christ

and YOU!! (If you’ve been wanting someone to tag you for this, consider yourself tagged! Just drop your post link in the comments so I can read it!)

Well, that was a fun challenge! But now I have five more stories begging to be written. *face palm*

Even though I won’t (I refuse to abandon my current WIP!!) – which story do you think I should write first?

Keep fighting the good fight!



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