Camp Spotlight + Personal Story

Graphic Credit: Cat Thompson from the unofficial KDWC street team

March camp signups are open now!

The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp is back! That’s right, if you’re a writer who is looking to find a community of like-minded Christian women then you should check out The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp!

Whether you’re an experienced writer or brand new to writing, TKDWC is a wholesome and encouraging place to get motivated to write and be strengthened in your faith! If you’re familiar with NaNoWriMo, The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp is a great alternative or companion to NaNo! TKDWC offers a few more camps per year than NaNo and this March is going to be the first camp of 2022!  

Joining TKDWC is completely FREE! It’s as simple as signing up, opening Slack in your browser or downloading the Slack app and then you have the amazing resource of a writing community at your fingertips! And if you ever feel overwhelmed you can always tag or DM one of our Aunties for help! 

Still unsure if you want to commit to a month-long camp? Not a problem! The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp has zero commitments, the only requirements are that you set some kind of writing based goal and follow the camp rules! You can devote as much or as little time as you’d like!

If everything above didn’t convince you, our lovely Aunties have put together some fun challenges and activities for us at this camp, and by completing those challenges we can earn virtual prizes! 

Camp sign-ups open on February 18th and stay open until the last week of camp! Our virtual gates open up on February 25th which is one week before camp officially starts so you can get comfortable in your tent, meet your tent-mates and get ready for a month long of faith guided fun! 

If you’re looking for a bit more information, you can hop over to the camp website. On the website you can see the camp schedule for upcoming camps, check out the blog, read testimonials from happy campers, find writing resources, and sign up for the camp newsletter to stay in the loop! And of course, you can contact the aunties if you have any questions!

I hope to see you at camp! If you are feeling overwhelmed feel free to tag me personally for a chat! And you can even put me down as the friend you would like to tent with! Just request Autumn Nicole. 🤗 Can’t wait to see you!

My camp story

I heard about camp a few months before I joined. Then when my mom agreed to let me write a book for school, I knew I need some extra support. KDWC sounded perfect! I signed up and was so thrilled when the email came through with a link to slack.

WARNING! I found out that my phone is a liar! There is no way I spent that much time on Slack! *glares at phone*

Everyone is so welcoming and helpful, and I had so much fun! Last camp, we had a fun Christmas party too! And I may or may not have been driving the getaway car for an Amazon hijack. 😏😎

Regularly people would pop into our tent and just ask how we all were doing. The whole month the prayer-list was full of prayer requests, praises and dozens of messages of support and care. It was beautiful!

I set a goal beginning of the month and went above and beyond it! I met some great friends who have continued to encourage and critique my work, even outside of camp.

It was a great place to connect with other young authors and girls and women seeking to glorify Christ with their writing. It’s like a great big family of sisters! 🤗

If you are looking for a group of girls who are serious about their faith and want an uplifting and encouraging atmosphere, this camp is for you! If you are looking to receive constructive feedback on a project or hoping to finally finish something you’ve started, this is for you.

If you want to join but don’t know where to start, request a tent with me! Just fill out the signup sheet and let them know you want to tent with your friend Autumn Nicole. They can’t meet every request, but they will try!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Keep planting and watering, the harvest will come!



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