King’s Daughter’s Writing Camp Project + Book Review – Hope KDWC Collection

Graphic credit: Cat Thompson from the unofficial KDWC street team

Anyone else getting excited for camp?!?!


If you have not signed up yet, do that today because the gates open! Right now, I’m probably signing into slack and catching up with everyone. Today starts the day of thousands of messages flying across the slack-i-verse!

Register right here! (or click the image on my home page)

Flex your typing fingers cause the writing starts on Tuesday!!

*pauses in squealing to breathe*

Camp Project

Now, I’m sure you are all eager to hear what I will be working on this camp. I’m excited myself! Last camp I wrote my first 20K words in my first novel (AND I WILL FINISH THIS ONE *glares at young tween self*). I continued to type away for the next several weeks, reaching 43,000 words. Then mid-January that halted. I got serious writers block and writers doubt, wondering where in the world I was going with this. Through this month I have been going back to the roots, doing some world and character building, and growing new ideas. This is a book I feel like I can’t do justice, but I pray God will write through me the words He wants to say. So, I’m back. I’ve started Draft #2 of my novel, and my goal is to write at least 10K words during camp.

What’s that you say?

You wanna here more?

Well, I’m not sharing much yet, but I’ll give you a few fun tidbits.

The main theme of the book is grace, it’s an allegorical fantasy (think Narnia and The Kingdom Series).

Belle’s heart has turned as dark as the prison cell she’s in. The Father says, “It’s time.”


“Hope,” I thought. “What a small word for such a big thing.”

The broken world groans. Oh, for a beacon of light! Where is something to live for—to kindle the spark of excitement, to calm the heart, to impart love, joy, and peace—and perhaps to shine the light of God’s glory on earth as in heaven?


In these twenty-two sweet stories and poems, experience the dawning of a sure, unfailing hope. Join a plethora of relatable characters young and old in their journey through the heights and depths of suffering—a cancer diagnosis, a shocking accident, the loss of a dear family member. Wrestle with the agony of a missing loved one, an unavoidable mortgage, or a tough move. Experience the ache of rejection and loneliness, misunderstanding and oppression, and illnesses both physical and mental. Yet in the midst of each heartache winds a strong, undying cord of hope—that light in the darkness, that beacon, that anchor of the soul. As you smile, cry, and sigh through each heartfelt piece, perhaps you too will grasp ahold of your own hope again.

For our God is our glorious Hope.

Writing stories for the glory of the King.

This camp is a gathering of Christian ladies from all over to focus on writing stories that honor God.

It was created by a group of writers who wanted a safe place for Christian ladies of all ages to connect with and encourage each other in our writing journeys without worrying about the offensive or unbiblical messages promoted by secular writing organizations. Get in touch or sign up for the next camp (MARCH!!!) here.

I really enjoyed this book, especially since I spent the November camp getting to know a lot of these girls and then reading the stories they had written was even more special!

I thoroughly enjoyed every story in this book! Each one is full of truth, making this collection a truly precious gem!

I rated each story based on personal enjoyment and adding them all up and averaging them out brings this book to 4 hearts!

Now to go through all twenty-four stories would take much to long, so I’m going to share my thoughts on some of my favorite stories!

Keeping up hope by rebekah a. morris

Definitely a top favorite! Jolie and Ellie are the cutest little things ever and I just adored them! And Stephen is such a great big brother! (I’m always partial to big brother characters named Stephen, because I have one in my life 😊) The girl’s misunderstanding was so creative and the cutest thing. Okay, honestly the whole story was just THE CUTEST THING!

wordless hope by martha abilene

This was so sweet! I think what I loved most about it was this quote:

‘Livi smiled. “It’s always changing, isn’t it? Sometimes it confuses me. It seems like one thing for a second, but another the next second, depending on your perspective. But always—always you can look at it and know it’s a flower. No matter what color it looks like at the moment.”
This made no sense. What could Livi see in the painting that Nora could not? “I don’t under-th-tand,” Nora murmured, staring at the flower.
“Life has many colors,” Livi said. “They’re always changing. But no matter how you look at it, you can still see it’s God’s picture of your life. His plan. Sometimes it’s purple, full of peace and security. Sometimes it’s blue, full of sadness. But it’s always the same flower. The same divine plan. And God’s the artist.”’

dare to hope by m. l. milligan

I’m a sucker for fantasy, and this one was good. I really enjoyed seeing things from both Bryan’s perspective and the sword’s!

looking up by olivia goodfrey

I loved the post WWII time era! This story was so real – Olivia has a way with words! The father-son relationship was done so well, and their last conversation was so good. I love how this was inspired by stories the author’s grandfather told her 😍

a hope to trust by courtney burden

Such a sweet story! So creative and Dr. Humphrey – I just want to give him a big bear hug! This story is fun and yet full of depth and truth!

look to the wildflowers – by tiffany michele

This one is in a close competition for all-time favorite with Auntie Rebeckah’s story! I loved it so much! Arty and her grandfather were both amazing characters and I loved how they both helped each other heal. I so want to see Arty’s finished painting!

redeemed by brooklyn kramer

And this one was a beautiful ending to a book on hope! I’ve read many allegories similar to this, but they never get old. I love how this one is a bit different – it doesn’t end with the wedding and the beloved going to live with her prince, this one end where we are right now, with the beloved waiting for her prince. She’s been redeemed and now she waits, hopeful.

“Her story was not over.
Why, her story was just beginning.”

Keep planting and watering, the harvest will come!

(and join camp, you will reap friendships, encouragement and lots of words!)



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