Letter From Camp

Dear Readers,

Here I am, ten days into my thirty-day stay at The King’s Daughter’s Writing Camp! That means camp is 1/3 of the way over. *gasp* It’s been a blast so far and if you are reading this and are not a part of camp, I highly encourage you to check it out! Go to my home page and click on the image – it will take you to their website!

I’m staying in the beautiful purple (I still think it’s green, but I guess Auntie’s painting it 🤔) Tentalizing Tales tent. And let me say, the lovely gals I’m with sure are cooking up some Tentalizing Tales!! As a collective group we are nearly 20% of the way to our goal 🤗… which means we are behind… uh oh. We have 20 days left, let’s do this girls! Grab some chocolate, coffee and chick-fil-a and start putting down words! (like I’m doing now 😁)

We’ve had some really great food in our tent! Lay Lay always brings us coffee, chocolate, and good breakfasts, and Vannah usually provides some Chick-fil-A. And we have healthy stuff too! Strawberries!!! 🍓

Throughout the whole camp there have been many prayers, tears, and hugs floating around – it’s truly beautiful! We’ve also been sharing advice, recipes, and lots of memes! 🤣 Thankfully there’s been no reason to break into any major distributing companies – I’ve been a good girl 😇 Though if you do need a getaway driver for anything like that, let me know. I shall happily come to your aid. But I think there was at least one pillow fight in which I participated… and I may have been called crazy or insane a few times. 😇

As far as my writing is going, my first day at camp was most productive and I earned three badges!!

I wrote for over two hours and got in about 1,200 words! After my choir program in the evening, I came back and wrote more!! My first week went really well until Saturday. Then Saturday – Monday I was away on choir tour and didn’t write any – though I didn’t expect to anyway. But ever since than I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write – mostly because I’ve been sleeping in but also because I’m trying to catch up on school, do a lot of work in the lettuce house and I’ve had some evening events and yesterday a birthday party for my little brother 😊 But despite only writing 4/10 days, I made it to 25% of my goal, so I think it should be doable to reach it in the next 20 days!

So, I’m hoping to share a letter every ten days – so another on the 20th and 30th! Until then, enjoy a few photos from choir tour!

Tootles from Tentalizing Tales! 💗


P.S. Aren’t the new emoji’s adorable?!?


6 thoughts on “Letter From Camp

  1. So fun, Autumn! 😊 I’m looking forward to the next 2 letters. Oh, and I have some words that I haven’t added to our goal yet. Let’s keep writing!!

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