Book Review – The House on Harmony Street

The House on Harmony Street

“Do you mean you will accept the position?” he asked hopefully.

“Yes, of course. When can I start?”

His face lit up. “That’s good news! As soon as you like. Today isn’t too early for me, if I only thought we could make that bedroom presentable for you.”

“I’m afraid that’s a little soon for me,” said Margaret, smiling. “I still need to pack up and settle with my landlady. Tomorrow? I can come about nine and get settled in, if you don’t mind a simple dinner.”

“We’ve had so many failed dinners lately, I’m sure the simplest of meals would satisfy us,” Dane answered with a chuckle. “All right, let’s draw up the contract.”

Thus begins Margaret Sullivan’s new role as housekeeper of the large and busy Westover household. After a sedate life with an elderly widow, Margaret finds the Westovers’ liveliness and laughter a refreshing change. But it takes a troubling chain of events which threaten the peace and happiness of the whole family to make Margaret realize that she has become much more than a housekeeper to them – and perhaps the very person to keep the house on Harmony Street in tune.

Sarah Brazytis is a home educated graduate, historian, and small business owner. Her historical fiction spans the ages from medieval Europe to WWII London, but her favorite time period is the 19th century. A storyteller from childhood, Sarah loves to spin a tale that is clean and sweet, and celebrates heroism, courage, faith, and true love. Every book reflects her Christian worldview and passion for every aspect of historical accuracy. Find Sarah’s books, blog and more here:

I really struggled with rating this one… I enjoyed a lot of things about it, but it just wasn’t a book that really grabbed me. So I’ve decided on 3.5 stars – unfortunately I couldn’t figure out a way to do a half star graphic… 😕

My Thoughts:

I really loved that this was a family book – it would honestly make a great read-aloud, I think all ages would enjoy it. It’s not often that books have big families in them and loved that this one did – and this family’s dynamic was really good.

It was a clean book and the romance that came in at the end was pure and mature (in the sense that it wasn’t silly flirty – it was two adults being honest about their feelings) and clean. Nothing questionable. Romance is real life and this book handled it well!

I enjoyed the descriptions in the book, of the people, places and the food! The author really made me wish Miss Margaret would cook a meal for me! Ahh 🤩

I enjoyed most of the characters – Dane was a great guy – sheriff, dad, writer – manly, calm and collected. I also loved Margaret – what a dear! She sweeps in and takes over the household so gracefully and flawlessly and everyone just adores her!

And the sweet little girls. Fanny and Molly are such dears 💗

While I enjoyed this book it seemed a little slow moving and didn’t quite grab me. Unfortunately, I think it was the writing style that turned me off the most. I’m not sure how to describe it – old fashioned, choppy. A bit confusing at time and all those things really served to pull me out of the book. I couldn’t really sympathize and identify with the characters or be pulled into their emotions.

This is a small gripe, but I really didn’t like how Dane handled Hatty and David’s relationship. I understand that he wanted to caution him with Hatty’s brothers being troublemakers, but I don’t really think he had any evidence or reason to suspect that Hatty was somehow involved. Just because someone in the family does wrong things doesn’t make the rest of the family bad people. Maybe Dane did have reason to suspect Hatty, but if he did it was never made clear to the reader. I think he was right to caution him and tell him his feelings and instincts, but I don’t think he had a right to forbid David from seeing Hatty without giving a solid reason.

There was some violence and injuries, but I thought they were handled well.

The faith content was tastefully scattered throughout the book – both Dane and Margaret seemed to be strong Christians and prayed throughout their daily tasks, though that’s about as deep as it got.

This is a daily life book – with lessons to be learned throughout. The ending was sweet – despite some strained relationships throughout, by the end the Westover family was once again living in harmony. While the writing could have used some improvement and emotion, I did enjoy this book.


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