Book Review – Sustainer’s Smile

You know how you don’t do something right away and then you just kind of forget about it? Yeah, me too. 🙈

Goodmorning! So yes, I got this book back in October, read it in a few days and then wrote a three-letter review on Goodreads (RTC!) and then forgot about expounding on it! 🤦‍♀️So here, at long last in my review on Sustainer’s Smile!

I LOVE this book! This is the second book I’ve read in the TT series, and this is definitely a series I’ll be collecting. It’s “fantasy” – my favorite genre – but it’s rich in truth and perfectly clean in every way. 💖

This book was engaging and kept me sucked in the whole time! I was pulled in from the start, especially with Liliora’s “health” struggles and the mysterious little boy.

Liliora is a gem. I love characters who are strong in their faith and set examples for me. I want to be like her. No, she isn’t perfect, and yes, she has oh so many struggles, but she has a beautiful heart!

The Ellith sibling’s father really intrigued me in the first book. He seemed to be a quiet man who wasn’t really involved much in his children’s lives. So, I really enjoyed seeming his care for Liliora.

Hopefully this isn’t a spoiler, but we get to see Carita as a mother!! 🤩 I love it! All of Liliora’s brothers are great – they cared so much for her – especially Kelton, and it was fun to see them help out when there were so many precious people to care for.

This book broke my heart and made we want to shriek with anger. Baby Jabez!!💔 How can… 😭 but that’s the real world, and it’s good to remind ourselves what we are fighting against, and why. These children are precious. They are made in God’s image, and they deserve a chance to live. 💖

Despite the pain, this book has a beautiful ending. 😍 God holds each and every one of us in His hands, and He never let’s go. Even in the pain, even in the hardship, God is our Sustainer, and He loves us. Every child, born and unborn is held sustained by His mighty hand, and He sees every person He’s created and smiles at them.

Erika weaves faith through every page in this book. The message is strong and clear and it’s a book I recommend everyone reads!

Keep planting and watering, the harvest will come!



5 thoughts on “Book Review – Sustainer’s Smile

  1. Awesome review!! Liliora is such a pretty name… I don’t think I ever heard it before. I’ve got to read this someday – it sounds incredible! 😉

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