Romance’s Rest by Erika Mathews Spotlight!

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I’m so thrilled to share that a new book is being released! Tomorrow, Book Six in the Truth from Taerna series comes out into the world! Romance’s Rest by Erika Mathews is a Biblically-centered romance novel for those who typically avoid romance novels. It is not your normal romance novel. I cannot wait to get my hands on this beauty and read it! You curious too? Read on ahead!!


Her love seems to have passed him by.
Little does he know that true covenant Love is knocking at his door.

Kethin Ellith’s life is brimful: a new town, his dream job working with people and animals, an active social life, and now a spunky, godly woman who has captured his heart. But how can he have any sort of relationship with her when she’s not even interested in a single conversation?

Faeth Dale delights in being an avid flower gardener and the middle sister of a lively, close-knit family. She has her own non-negotiable reasons for avoiding all male friendships, particularly with spiritually shallow men like Kethin. But would Adon Olam give her this apparently conflicted guidance? When rejection, grief, and longing jolt Kethin’s reality, knowing love seems permanently beyond him. And what is this spiritual concept of covenant he keeps encountering? As his struggles in this new relationship with Adon Olam intertwine with the struggles of his heart, Kethin comes face to face with both the starkness and breathtaking gloriousness of divine love itself—and a decision that costs him everything.

Exclusive Excerpt

He didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, but without a word he took the pot she handed to him and held it against the wall she pointed to. She whisked around him, now this way, now that way, using foreign-looking tools and carrying giant bundles of wild­flowers of some sort to fill the pot with. He didn’t have a shot at keeping up with what she was up to, so he watched her instead.

He’d never met a girl so active, so helpful, so devoted, so joyful, and yet so reserved. Her dress, from this close, was a curious creation. Sky-blue silk of some impossibly lightweight material, tiny white shiny rib­bons wound naturally up its length, catching the light and causing it to dance around and with her. He’d never seen a dress like it, and it draped and flowed so easily about her, the seams rising into such effort­less points that he couldn’t have figured out the con­struction of it. He was no dress expert, but this dress looked expert to him.

~Romances Rest, Erika Mathews

There’s A Sale!

The Entire Taerna series eBooks are between a 50% and 75% off this week. Get all six books for under $9 (reg. $23). Promise’s Prayer is FREE; Victory’s Voice and Surrender’s Strength are 99 cents; Sustainer’s Smile and Memory’s Mind are $1.99; and Romance’s Rest is $2.99


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