Book Review – Rescue in the Rockies

Eeek – I’m back to squeal about another book – this time an epic Western Mystery – number eight in a totally epic series about a family, a spy, and all their, yes, EPIC, adventures.

Rescue in the Rockies

It’s springtime and the Bakers are living the dream. Abby is helping her grandparents set up a guest ranch, Phil is visiting Spain, and Andy and Tom are on the farm entertaining three visitors from Scotland. Mr. Baker suggests a road trip to the guest ranch in Wyoming—what better opportunity for Fergus, Dougal, and Wylie to work hard, meet cowboys, and see the West? The lads are all for it and embrace their new surroundings with gusto, while the Bakers get the chance to re-forge bonds with Grandpa and Grandma Baker.

Mustangs, cattle, and roping lessons fade into the background when Jigson arrives, asking Abby to help identify a woman she met in Iceland once before. Meanwhile, Phil seems to offend Briosa at every turn, and Andy catches sight of Fergus’s growing inner turmoil about where he belongs in the world.

When Fergus feels himself being cornered into a future he doesn’t want, he snaps into the survival instincts he knows so well, seizing the opportunity to live wild in the mountains before anyone can stop him. Unbeknown to him, someone is hunting him down to offer a glimmer of hope that is as appealing as it is dangerous—but will it truly give rest to his soul and end his desperate attempts to be free? Or will it push him farther away from what he yearns for … the only home that can ever satisfy him?

C. R. is a Christian author who aspires to use the powerful tool of storytelling for God’s glory. She is happiest when playing in classical concerts, travelling with family and friends, stumbling across new story ideas, or tapping action sequences into her trusty laptop. Between real and imaginary trips to far-away places, she lives with her family in England’s picturesque county of Hertfordshire.

Visit her website ( or look out for her on Facebook!

My Thoughts

I’ve waited a long time for this book, and it was so worth the wait!

Another totally epic and wonderful adventure with the Bakers. I love this family! It’s so awesome to see them all growing up. Not-so-young-anymore Tom is still a cutie – and he’s getting wiser. I hope to see more prominent roles from him in future books. Phil and Andy were both awesome – I just love all the characters, okay? 🤠

Abby – my favorite of the Bakers- seemed to be the biggest character in this book, though Fergus takes a quick second, and everyone has their own fair share of the spotlight. And yes, as I said, Abby’s my favorite. Maybe because she’s the only girl in the family? The last couple books she’s been right around my age, so I relate to her more. I really admire how she always has an answer to the hope that is in her. She’s not ashamed or afraid to share her faith.

We also receive the first hint of a romantic relationship in this one. And I think it was portrayed very nicely. A “phase one” relationship – read the book to understand. And no, sorry, I’m not saying who. It’s a pretty minor plot point and if you want a content list – there’s one hug and they agree to be friends who are intentionally getting to know one another better.

Fergus. Aye, I love this guy. You may remember him from book seven! His journey is really fleshed out in this book. I think it was a great character arc, though I kind of felt like only some of his questions were answered. I picked up that the big thing He was worried about was being separated from the Freylads, who were basically family to him, and I didn’t feel like he was ever given assurance that he wouldn’t be. But that’s a minor gripe. I really loved getting to meet his family and I hope we get to hear more from him mother and sister in future books.

Rolf. Ja, he’s great. Poor guy needs help though. I think maybe the next book is going to be about him. (crosses fingers) I hope!

Briosa! She’s so fun and sweet – I loved seeing her growth this book and how she is trying to do the right thing, even though she is mistaken sometimes. And she’s a great friend for Abby.

And then there’s the bad guys. We get some answers, and we get more questions. 😎

And the greatest for last. Jigson is just awesome. Always is. I’m enjoying learning more about him and seeing his interaction with his sister. 💔 It didn’t feel like he played quite as big of a role in this book as some of the others. So that was a little sad.

The setting. was. totally. awesome. Cowboys? A ranch? YES PLEASE! Oh, it would be a dream come true to be a character in this book because where it took place was awesome. The hard work. The horses. The food – ah it just gave me all the farm feels x1000. 🐄

There was plenty of action in this book – some of my favorite scenes were when Joey let Fergus borrow his hat, the little fight between Fergus and Rolf, Abby talking with Fergus about home, Deborah’s shock at the way the runaway way boys were being brought home, Fergus at the Rodeo, the discovery of the lookout, and later the grave of a certain someone, the conversation in the plan about querencia, and then the last several scenes which I can’t mention for spoilers.

The message in this book kind of ties in with the last book – finding freedom. True freedom. Also, themes of finding home and remembering all the Lord has done for us. 💖

This book was just epic all around. You can never go wrong with a Baker Family Adventure. YEE-HAW! 🐎

Keep planting and watering, the harvest will come!



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