Aspiring Author Interview: Rebekkah + Playlist Swap

Goodmorning all! Today I’m super excited to welcome Aspiring Author, Rebekkah to the blog! I have a few questions to ask her so you can all get to know her and then we’ll be doing a playlist swap. She’s sent me ten of her favorite songs and I’m going to be listening to them and sharing my thoughts on them.

And if you head over to her blog – – she will be sharing the songs I’ve chosen, her thoughts on them, and I’ve answered some questions from her! So check that out!

Before we get started, I’d like to remind you of this verse – Philippians 4:8 – Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

What we listen to, what we watch, what we read, everything we take in will likely have an impact on our lives and the way we think. We are vessels of the Lord and therefore we are to be pure and holy, like Jesus. We are to be different, set apart. Let’s remember to make choices that honor and glorify God. What we watch, what we read, what we listen to should be things we would be okay with watching, listening and reading if Jesus was right there beside us, watching, listening to and reading just what we are. Ask yourself, “Is this something I would be okay with Jesus doing with me?” And he’s right there with you – often times we don’t think about that. Another good question to ask yourself is “Would my parents be okay with this?” If not, Jesus wouldn’t be either.

All that said, I want to remind everyone that we all have different convictions on what is okay and what isn’t. I want to advise everyone to use caution with their media choices. If something goes against your convictions – don’t listen to it or watch it. And don’t judge others for what they listen to or watch – only God is the judge. Our responsibility is for our own actions. Above all remember that Jesus sees all, he hears all and he knows all!πŸ’–

I will be sharing songs on here – and I cannot fully endorse or recommend all of them. I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on each, but remember they are mine. I encourage you to come to your own opinions based on your convictions, and the convictions of authorities in your life (ie. parents, pastors, etc). Keep that conscience alive, it’s a gift from God and needs to be sharp and ready for action.

Welcome to the blog Rebekkah, so happy to have you! What are your top three hobbies? 

Hmm. I’d have to say listening to music, blogging, and writing, with reading as a close fourth. 

Those are great hobbies – pretty sure all of them find their place in my list! If you could tame any animal in the world, what would it be? 

Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Ahem. A tiger would be awesome – or any large cat really. I just want to snuggle it and pet it without getting eaten. 

Fun, but defiantly scary! Tigers are so cool looking though! Would you prefer a towering (and safe!) tree house or a cozy underground hobbit-type house? 

Both. But if I must pick one, I suppose I would go with the hobbit-type house. Although a tree house would be lovely, with a ton of light, it would get tedious climbing up there everyday (besides, I have a slight fear of heights). A hobbit-hole sounds cozy, warm, and safe. 

Mm sounds lovely! Do you prefer the mountains or the ocean? 

I’m going to have to go with mountains here. I’ve never seen the ocean, but I have many memories in the mountains: including finding mountain lion paw prints in the snow. Besides, I love hiking and being surrounded by trees. 

Wow, that’s an awesome memory and such great reasons to love the mountains. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 

Hands down, triple chocolate. A close second is bunny/moose tracks. I love anything with chocolate and candy/chocolate chips/brownie bites/other goodness. 

YUM YUM! What genre do you write? 

Usually, I write fantasy. Lately, I’ve narrowed that down to urban fantasy for reasons beyond me – werewolves and vampires just started showing up in my plot bunnies and talking. 

Epic! Are you currently working on any projects? 

Kind of. Due to college, I haven’t written in a while, but I am elbows-deep in the first draft of a YA urban fantasy novel, “Of Vampires and Cherry Limeades.” It’s a mess, but I love it (the cast is one of my favorites). 

That’s awesome. What are three things that give you inspiration? 

Music. Sometimes a song will inspire a whole book, or just a scene or character. 

Images and pictures on Pinterest. While sometimes it’s just a waste of time, sometimes Pinterest can provide inspiration or fresh ideas for a story. 

My writing buddy. When I’ve hit a brick wall or a dead end, a brainstorming session with my bestie will get the words flowing again. 

Love that list! Do you have a motto/verse that keeps you going? 

I don’t have any particular one, however, I love the quote by Jodi Picoult that says “you can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page.” My perfectionism kills a lot of creativity. I also love any and all quotes about how the first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. 

So true! What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as an aspiring author? 

The best advice I’ve been given so far was to quit using so much dialogue and actually put in description and action. It’s such a simple thing, but really, I forget to practice it. This alone has improved my writing so much. 

Thank you muchly Rebekkah! It’s been great getting to know you better and learn more about what you write!

Rewrite the Stars – The Piano Guys 

This is the only one in this list that I’ve heard before – and I love this one. The Piano Guys are so talented! And this music just gives me chills. I want to play violin like that! 🀩

Pompeii – The Yale Spizzwinks 

Not my normal style, but a fun song.

Kills Me Just The Same – Cimorelli 

Sisters! And they are quite talented – their voices and the music is awesome. I’m still trying to figure out what the words are saying though I’m picking up that it’s about someone who knows they should break up but doesn’t want to. While I like the music, I don’t like the message of the song. Even if it hurts, get out of a bad relationship. I don’t endorse songs about romantic relationships.

Yours Again – Red 

Started out really epically – like awesome instrumental music. Then it got a little too heavy for me… But it has a really great message about finding God after you’ve turned from Him. If the bass could be turned down ever so slightly, I’d add this one to my playlist. πŸ˜‰

If You Want Love – NF 

This one was good. I liked the music, and it had a good message about how love is hard. Real love means pain and sacrifice.

Tear In My Heart – Twenty One Pilots 

Ehh, no don’t like this one. It’s not my style and it doesn’t seem to have a great point, in my opinion.

Absolute – Thousand Foot Krutch

Good lyrics. We want the absolute truth! In our days people need it! Lemme just tell ya – the absolute truth is Jesus! πŸ’– I don’t really like the style though, a little too heavy for me.

Eustace Scrubb – Sarah Sparks 

Never mind, I think I’ve heard this one before too! I love this line – “I was a lonely, wretched soul that
Lost in the dark cried out your Name

I Should Probably Go To Bed – Dan and Shay

“I think a lot of people can relate to it, whether it’s a past relationship that you can’t get over or whether it’s some other temptation that’s pulling you and rendering you defenseless,” Smyers explains. “Whatever it is, I feel like we’ve all gone through it in some way, shape or form.”

So, the song says, “I should probably go to bed, I should probably turn off my phone, I should quit while I’m ahead, I should probably leave you alone, ‘Cause I know in the morning, I’ll be calling, Saying sorry for the things I said, So I, yeah, I should probably go to bed.”

Going to bed and ignoring the problem isn’t going to solve it. How about, “I should probably go to Jesus.”

Hey Stupid, I Love You by JP Saxe – Kyson Facer ft. Jada Facer

Like I said, I don’t like love songs, so I don’t recommend this one. Also, the words “hey stupid” aren’t’ very uplifting.

And that wraps it up! Head on over to Rebekkah’s blog – for the other side of the post – my interview and playlist.

If you are a young writer, remember that your first draft will not be perfect – and that’s okay. Write and then edit! πŸ’– And as a follower of Jesus, remember that you are God’s temple. A vessel meant to be holy and pure. But don’t forget – its a commandment with a promise. It’s not like, be pure or else. God calls us to be pure, but he also promises to be the one to make us pure.

Rest in His love!



7 thoughts on “Aspiring Author Interview: Rebekkah + Playlist Swap

  1. This was such a fun post!!! I’m also very inspired by that Jodi Picoult quote that you can’t edit a blank page! So true! πŸ˜‰

    And. OH MY GOODNESS ANOTHER CIMORELLI FAN IT IS SO NICE TO MEET YOU REBEKKAH. πŸ˜‚ And yeah, the message of that song is depressing, but it’s more like an outlet for your pain if you relate to the song – it’s about watching a loved one (not even just in romantic relationships!) go down a bad path and feeling like you can’t do anything about it. But you love them, so you can’t just give up on the relationship and let go. It’s not endorsing the fact that you should get out of a toxic relationship, but more of just expressing the internal struggle. But I totally get your thoughts on it, girl! πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and I have got to listen to “Eustace Scrubb”!! His character arc is GOLD so I bet the song is incredible too. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you so much for the interview and playlist swap! I’m glad that even though we have really different tastes in music, that you liked some of the songs. And saaamme – I would love to play violin like that too (how long have you been playing, just curious?).

    Thanks again, this was so much fun!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Your so welcome! It was great fun!
      Umm I’ve had a violin for over a year now, but have only been taking online lessons, so it was hard to find motivation. I haven’t pulled it out for months now… I want to get back into this fall. Maybe take lessons?

      Liked by 1 person

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