Book Review ~ Things Not Seen

Things Not Seen

Fear rules Cassie Randall’s life. Fear of facing the brother her testimony helped put behind bars. Fear of sharing the Gospel with others. She’s spent the last four months hiding. But a random meeting with a man who has no reason to show her kindness just might force her to face those fears and give them to the One greater than any fear.

Derek Walker has based his career—his life—on denying the existence of the Creator. Evidence for God doesn’t exist. The firm beliefs that Cassie—the woman he helped one rainy night—holds can’t change that. Nothing can change that. Until his world is shaken and that evidence is thrust at him.

When Derek and Cassie are faced with circumstances far out of their control, will they believe the One Who has revealed Himself through His Word, or will they fall prey to the lies of man?

Kristina Hall is a sinner saved by grace who seeks to glorify God with her words. She is a homeschool graduate and holds a degree in accounting. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, arm wrestling, lifting weights, and playing the violin. Subscribe to her newsletter:

My Thoughts

I do believe this book wins the award for my favorite Kristina Hall book! I adore Kristina’s writing style – it sucks me in and keeps me captivated. She focuses a lot on her characters feelings, thoughts and perspectives and I really love that. This book is no exception.

I was immediately pulled in by Cassidy’s character. I feel a lot like her, in some ways anyway. Maybe not her past, but her present. She’s working out her faith and desiring to share it, but struggling with fear. I really resonated with that. She had some beautiful moments with God – of letting go of her past and present fears. 🥰

I’m a big fan of sibling tropes so this pulled me! What a sad, broken relationship! 😭 Sam doesn’t realize how much he needs Cassie in his life. I just hope Cassie has the courage to pursue his heart and keep sharing God’s love with Him.

Derek. I really enjoyed his arch. Life was good. He was content. But then Cassie comes along and starts asking questions, making him think. Then tragedy comes and his world crashes and he’s forced to make a decision. And he was a real gentleman.

As I said I never tire of reading Kristina’s writing style! But after reading two of her books already, I felt like I was reading the same plotline again. Just different characters, different setting, different struggles – but overall – a bad guy chasing a good guy, and the whole story is their repeated run ins. The good guys are attacked and rescued, attacked and rescued. Nearly half a dozen times in each novel. The whole story is Cassie living life, running into Sam, being beaten up, nearly killed, rescued by Derek, and then we start all over again. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, each encounter is different, and there is plenty of good character development in between, and a few normal life scenes where nothing happens, but I did stop being surprised by Sam showing up. It wasn’t a matter of if he would show up, but when.

There are hints of romance in this story, but it’s the least romantic of all that I’ve read of Kristina (Maybe that’s why it’s my favorite! 😁Though I understand there is more romance in the second book). While Derek is interested in Cassie, she turns him down because he does not believe in God. I really appreciated the struggles she had with that. She genuinely cared for him, but she loved God more. And Derek in turn still respected her, even though he had his moment of lashing out at her faith, so I applaud him for that.

There was a decent amount of violence in this book. Both Cassie and Derek are beaten up several times. Towards the end there’s some gunfire. As I’ve said before, I don’t agree with Christians bearing arms, but that is my personal conviction and does not affect my rating.

I was really really pleased to find that in the end (SPOILER ALERT!) the bad guy did not stereotypically die. He is still alive and breathing and I desperately hope to see a breakthrough with his character. The evil man always being killed is so sad, and I would love to see Sam saved.

Another thing I love about Kristina’s books is the faith. It’s so beautiful woven into the plotline. I loved the scenes where Cassie opened her Bible and read the world, praying, and talking to Jesus. Allowing Him to work in her life and reveal His truth to her. Her struggle with fear and overcoming it was very well portrayed. Even though they are both on opposites sides of belief – an atheist and a Christian – they both have to wrestle and truly believe – one has to believe that God does exist, and one must believe that He will do as He promised.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it!!

(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to leave a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Seek Jesus and you won’t see the shadows!



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