Book Review – One in A Galaxy by Angie Thompson


What secrets lie hidden among the stars?

Ten-year-old Riley Dixon is eagerly anticipating his first spaceflight, even if his dad isn’t keen on adventure. But all his exciting dreams for the future are knocked off course when a frightening medical emergency puts their trip on pause.

As he adjusts to life on the busy Etzio spaceport, Riley begins to suspect that there’s more to his dad’s choices than he knows. But when a surprising encounter brings to light a shocking past, can Riley choose the right course for his future? Or will secrets and silence ruin everything that matters most?

An avid reader and incurable story-spinner, Angie Thompson also enjoys volunteering in her church’s children’s program and starting (but not always finishing) various kinds of craft projects. She currently lives in central Virginia near most of her incredible family, including two parents, six brothers, one sister, and five siblings-in-law—plus four nieces, nine nephews, and several assorted pets!

My Thoughts

This was such a precious book! I got to read snippets as Angie wrote it during KDWC. Then to go back and read it in its entirety – it was even better!

Even though I already knew most of the spoilers going into it, Angie builds the suspense so well, I was nearly getting concerned that things I knew weren’t going to happen, were going to happen! This book is full of twists and turns and in no way predictable.

Riley is such a good character! I loved getting to see things from his perspective, hear his thoughts, his feelings, his joys and fears. I don’t often read books from the perspective of a child, just because they feel too below my level, but this was not one of those books! I think it’s a book that children – especially young boys – would love, but it was also deep enough and so well written that I loved it too! Riley is such a sweet boy- loves all things space and adventure but truly cares about other people. Luca is an awesome friend – one every child hopes to have. And Grey is a good Dad. Sure, he makes some mistakes, but he raised a pretty great son. I love how close Riley was to his Dad.💖 And Mia, such a sweet, joyful character who truly shinned Jesus’ light! 😍

Angie does such a good job of capturing emotion and feeling in her words. My heart! 💔Oh Riley 😭 He’s so tenderhearted that he just wanted to keep all his emotions bottled up so he wouldn’t bring pain to his father. But then poor Riley was suffering. I just wanted to force him to sit down and have a good long talk with his dad. To just ask questions and stop trying to fix things on his own!

I loved the unique setting of this book! Sci-fi, but totally realistic sci-fi, nothing weird at all. Such a fun atmosphere – some space travel, living on another planet, a commander, observation decks and com towers. Angie did an awesome job of describing the city – just enough description that you aren’t confused about how things work, but not too much that you’re lost in the scientific implications. And life is still pretty much normal. Just people living their daily lives, going to school, work and church!

For the most part we get a slice-of-life story, which lots of great character development. And then we get a dash of mystery and intrigue thrown in there. This isn’t an action-packed, fast-moving story. It’s more about the relationships, yet just enough action and story to keep you reading and loving it. It’s the perfect balance!

Angie weaved together an amazing story – I love the setting, the characters, the faith, the slice-of-life weaved with the mystery and the beautiful message of the value of life. Grey’s sacrifice for Riley is so beautiful! An altogether heartwarming tale! Love it! 😍

(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to leave a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)


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