The Writerly Resolutions Tag

I got tagged again! I've had a lot of these lately, but this is a new one so it should be fun! Thank you so much Alyssa for tagging me! Alyssa's QUESTIONS 1. What are some ways that you would like to expand your writing this year? I would really like to try and learn … Continue reading The Writerly Resolutions Tag


Behind the Blogger Tag

Repost - August 9, 2020 hey lovelies!!Katelyn nominated me for this cool tag!! Thank you Katelyn!!Here are the requirements for participation:😉Thank the dear blogger who nominated you  ⇑⇑😉Mention the blogger who started this tag (Great tag Ellyn!!)😉Answer the questions😉Nominate 5 or more (no ones gonna punish you if you do less though) bloggers Alrighty, enough of that! Lets … Continue reading Behind the Blogger Tag