The Liebster Award (3.0)

Well, hey hey! Yay, I've been kind of failing with blogging this month - but that's okay. We'll just jump in where we are and see what happens. Life takes priority over blogging - and life has been happening - so that's why no blogging, lol. It's been a crazy first few weeks of the … Continue reading The Liebster Award (3.0)


The Fruit of the Spirit Book Tag ~ Happy World Book Day!!

Happy Saturday bookworms! And happy World Book Day! Yup- today is day set aside completely to books! How epic is that?! While I wish I could say I will spend the whole day reading in celebration, I can't. Lord willing, I'll be planting strawberries! 🍓 But hopefully I can squeeze in a chapter tonight just … Continue reading The Fruit of the Spirit Book Tag ~ Happy World Book Day!!

Behind the Blogger Tag

Repost - August 9, 2020 hey lovelies!!Katelyn nominated me for this cool tag!! Thank you Katelyn!!Here are the requirements for participation:😉Thank the dear blogger who nominated you  ⇑⇑😉Mention the blogger who started this tag (Great tag Ellyn!!)😉Answer the questions😉Nominate 5 or more (no ones gonna punish you if you do less though) bloggers Alrighty, enough of that! Lets … Continue reading Behind the Blogger Tag