I’m Done with School! Great Curriculum from my Homeschool Years

Yep, it’s official! I finished up high school and graduated as valedictorian of my class at Harvest Homeschool 😉Looking back over my 13+ years of schooling, I cannot say enough how thankful I am for my parents who desired a good education for me and laid the foundation for solid schooling. I’m going to share three different curriculum that I loved – though there were several more, I’m keeping it simple!


America in God’s Providence by Generations.

I did this book just this past year for history and I loved it. It’s definitely a book for the high school years because it deals with some tough topics. But it taught me a lot. Our country has face division from the very beginning – it’s not something new in the past decade! This book tells the story of America from 1492 to present (2018). It’s very thorough and it’s written from a true Biblical Christian worldview. It discusses the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. It doesn’t just give you an overview about all the historical facts and events, it dives deep into issues in the culture, the government and especially the church – using a lot of scripture to correct and admonish. It dives into the beliefs of famous men and women from history – nearly all the presidents, and several other important figures. It’s a great work of literature with the right godly perspective every Christian needs.

(Generations has lots of quality History and Bible Curriculum)


Apologia Science

I’ve done apologia science ever since probably fourth or fifth grade. I started with the astronomy book and absolutely adored it. I’m not a huge science fan – but I LOVE astronomy! I have since done all of their zoology books, general and physical science, botany, biology and health and nutrition. Science is probably the subject most riddled with false teaching in our days. But these books are written from a Christian Worldview and constantly draw your focus back to our Incredible Designer.

(I also really enjoyed their language arts book – Writers in Residence And they have some worldview, social studies and math curriculum that looks great!)



I’ve done a variety of math books over the years, but these are by far my favorite. After doing these, I went to another program for a year and abhorred it. I was very thankful to get back to Math-U-See the next year! 🤩 I know several of my siblings have really benefited from the hands on side of things, but to be honest, I didn’t really use that side of it. I love math and I have a bit of a math brain, so it comes pretty easy for me. I still benefited from the video teaching. You watch a video at the beginning of the week where the math teacher – someone who lives right here in our own town and shops at some of the same stores we do! – teaches the lesson and explains the concepts. He’s a funny, grandpa-aged, godly man with lots of wisdom and knowledge! And he knows how to teach math well and make it easy to understand! The rest of the week is spent doing workbook pages on the lesson, plus several pages of review – so it keeps everything you’ve learned so far fresh.

My favorite book of his is the Stewardship – it’s full of practical and biblical advice on finances – including banking, credit cards, checks, purchasing a car or house, debt, budgeting, shopping, college, business, etc! Highly recommend for every highschooler to take! It is also paired with a Biblical Studies book – Discipleship, Financing, Practical Application, and Consumer Math all in one!


12 thoughts on “I’m Done with School! Great Curriculum from my Homeschool Years

  1. I’m still wanting to buy that History book; I’ve heard SO many good things about it, and I want a quality history book on my shelf. Apologia science is really good; I’m glad I used it most my school years.

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    • Thanks! It’s been crazy – over the summer I didn’t think much about it but now that all my siblings have started up school again and I haven’t its a bit weird! But I have no desire to join them 😉 And I have no idea how I juggled life with school 😂

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  2. Ahhhh congratulations, Autumn!!!! 😀 That’s so very exciting!! Ooo, I use Math-U-See too and it is AWESOME. Steve Demme is so hilarious, and humor makes it easier for me to digest the complexities of math. *chuckles to myself* Wait, he lives in your town? How cool!!!


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