The Year 2022

January The year started with planting the first of our lettuce babies in or newest greenhouse! We spent weeks and months waiting for this day! 👏 January is also probably our coldest month of the year and we were grateful for some nice snows and of course so GORGEOUS sunsets! And the hope of the … Continue reading The Year 2022


Merry Christmas

Darkness. Oh, so much Darkness. Blindness. Weariness. Brokenness. Death. A world that is aching. Bleeding. Crying. Calling. Longing. An empty world. Without meaning. Without hope. A world of filth, dirt, grime. Vile. Evil. Vulgar. A world of shattered, broken, bleeding hearts.  Pain. Torture. Affliction. Sorrow. Anguish. Despair. Chained, bound, shackled. Imprisoned in a world of … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Book Review – One in A Galaxy by Angie Thompson

ONE IN A GALAXY What secrets lie hidden among the stars? Ten-year-old Riley Dixon is eagerly anticipating his first spaceflight, even if his dad isn’t keen on adventure. But all his exciting dreams for the future are knocked off course when a frightening medical emergency puts their trip on pause. As he adjusts to life … Continue reading Book Review – One in A Galaxy by Angie Thompson