12 Days of Christmas ~ A Christmasy Story ~Day Five

Repost December 18, 2020


The little girls mother looked at Azalea with a half panicked expression. “I am soo sorry, I will pay for that! Can I help clean it up?”

Azalea shook her head. “No, this is my job.” She forced a smile at the little girl, whose eyes were as big as golf balls as she stared at the glass on the floor. Azalea hurried to the back of the restaurant and grabbed a brush and pan. She swept up all the glass shards, gave the little girl a pat on the hand and a “It’s okay, no harm done.” and then dumped the glass into the waste bin in the back. As she heard a customer yell angrily for his food, she couldn’t help but be reminded of her own life. It was just like that glass. Broken. Shattered on the cold, unforgiving floor of anger and selfishness. She could never hide. Forcing back tears, she turned back to the kitchen and grabbed a plate of pizza to take to a customer.


Azalea waved at her friend and smiled warmly as she stepped out of the car. Walking towards her house she hoped with all her heart that her father wouldn’t be home. 

As she stepped onto the porch the door flew open and out he came, her mother right behind him. He turned to yell yet another accusation at her and gave her shove when she stepped closer. Azalea wanted to run. To run and hide somewhere and never come out again. Her father pushed his way past her without an acknowledgement and slammed the door of his car as he drove off. The thought that she wouldn’t mind if he were to crash and die startled her and another wave of hopelessness swept over her. 

“Come inside sweetie, its cold out here.” Her mother tried to give her a smile as the noise of her husbands car fade,  “It looks like its gonna snow too. I’ll make you some hot chocolate.”

Azalea looked up at the sky as snow flakes began to fall softly on her face. Pulling her coat closer, she forced back the tears that threatened to fall with the flakes and stepped inside.


Her house was decorated beautifully for the coming holiday. Her mother always made sure things were just right. A beautiful evergreen tree stood tall in the corner of the family room, bright red balls and little gingerbread men with green bow ties dancing from it’s branches. There were so many presents under the tree, you couldn’t even see the snow skirt. Wreaths hung from every door. Holly branches and pine boughs covered the fireplace mantel, the tops of the kitchen cupboards and hung beautifully around the tops of the walls. The mantel was also home to a special glass nativity set with a perfect little sleeping baby, one hand clutching the finger of his perfect mother. Joseph stood, a hand resting protectively on Mary’s shoulder, looking down on his baby son with such love that made Azalea just scoff. It was too perfect. The shepherds had neat, tidy and clean robes, the wisemen had such kingly faces and beautiful gifts, Mary had such a wise face and lovely blue dress, and all the sheep crowded in to see the baby with a halo around his head.

Azalea’s mother was the talk of all the women in the town. Tarryn was the one that had it all perfect. All the young mothers would stress over not having a perfect family like Tarryn did. She had it together.  She had a perfect Christmas tree, a perfect house, perfect kids and not to mention, a husband who made enough money to buy each of her three kids everything they could ever want. But little did the envious neighbors know, that inside the house with lights in every tree and another perfect little nativity scene on the front lawn, was a family whose lives were a utter mess. 


Azalea flopped across her bed with a sigh and pulled out her phone. Texting her friends always helped her forget her broken life and escape for a little. But not 5 minutes later her older sister Jasmine burst in with a exasperated look on her face. 

    “Azalea!” She scolded, “Where’s my red sweater?”

    Azalea frowned. “You didn’t knock.”

    “Where is it?!”

    “I don’t know, I didn’t take it.” Azalea turned back to her phone.

    “Lier!” Jasmine pounced on Azalea’s bed and grabbed her phone. “You’d better tell me where it is! I can’t go the party tomorrow wearing my ugly green one!”

    “I don’t now Jaz!” Azalea cried, “Give me my phone back!”

    “Girls!” The girls looked up to see there mother standing in the doorway. “Jasmine! Stop hitting your sister and give her phone back!”

    “Mom she stole my sweater!” Jasmine pouted and crossed her arms. Azalea scooted far away from Jasmine and hugged her knees to her chest, rubbing her arm. 

    “It’s in the washer. I thought you would want to wear it, but it was dirty from last week.” Tarryn turned to leave the room. 

    Jasmine walked out after their mother, throwing a look of disgust at Azalea. She tossed her phone onto the bed and slammed the door behind her. Azalea felt like crying again. Her phone dinged.

Dahlia: HEY girl!! I forgot to mention that our church is having a Christmas Eve service tomorrow night. And the forecast says it’s gonna snow! Wanna come? Please!!

Azalea sighed. Her parents said they were Christians, but never talked about God or Jesus, or anything. They just fought and screamed at each other. Dahlia, her friend from work always invited her to go to church with her family, but Azalea always found an excuse. Dahlia was a sweet friend, but Azalea always supposed the Jesus thing was just an act. She probably had a horrid family too. Azalea wanted nothing to do with God. He didn’t seem to change anybody like everyone said He did.

    A knock sounded on her door and her older brother Alex called, “Supper’s ready.” Azalea slipped her phone in her pocket, happy to have a distraction to  keep her from responding to Dahlia’s message. 


After a quiet supper, which Azalea preferred over one where all the talking was yelling, Azalea cleared and wiped the table quickly and escaped to her room. Just as she slipped into her comfy Christmas pj’s the phone started ringing. Dahlia’s profile pic of her with an arm around a sister and laughing made Azalea cringe. But she hit the green button and put the phone to her ear. 


“Hey Zal!”

“Hi Lia” Azalea said with little feeling.

“You okay?”


“Did you get my message?”

“Yeah, sorry I didn’t get a chance to respond.”

“So does it work for you? Pleeeeeeease say it does!!”

“Well I don’t know… My family always does something special Christmas Eve, I don’t think my parents would want me to miss that.” Azalea lied.

“Oh. I thought Jaz was going to the school party?”

Azalea caught her breath. “Umm, I don’t know.”

“Oh come on!! Please come! I’d really really be disappointed if you said no!”

Azalea didn’t say anything.

“I’ll pick you up….”

Azalea gave a big sigh. Maybe this would solidify her dislike towards Christians. And didn’t really want to disappoint Dahlia. “Okay, I’ll come. What time?” 


I hope you enjoyed!! Part 2 will be coming on Day 10! 

Well, now it’s off to a weekend of fun and laughter at the cabin! But no worries, I’ve scheduled posts, so there will be something for you to read while I’m gone!! 

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Annnnd enter the giveaway!!! It’s open and will run through Christmas Eve! The winner will be announced Christmas Day. There are some great prizes!!! 

Enjoy Every Moment!



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