12 Days of Christmas ~ Movie Review: Christmas Oranges ~Day Four

Repost December 17,2020

Happy Thursday Lovelies!
Today I’m sharing a wonderful movie for you all to add to your Christmas watchlist!

Christmas Oranges!!

This is a must watch! It’s such a sweet story of a girl named Rose, growing up in an orphanage in the years of WW1. Journey along with Rose and experience hardship, challenges, friendship and hope. 
After tragedy strikes Greenwood Orphanage, Rose is sent to Irongates where a cold, hurting old man makes sure all rules are strictly enforced. Rose’s curiosity gets her in trouble far to often. But will it be Rose’s gentle spirit that finally changes Mr. Crampton? This heartwarming, enjoyable, and humorous tale will have you laughing and crying all the way to the end. 
Though not a specifically Christian movie (though Mrs. Greenwood expresses faith), there is nothing objectionable in this story. 

Sensitive Content: Mentions of character’s dying, Weeping because of a character’s death. Kids sent to attic for punishment, Some yelling, Threats of being put back out in the streets

All around, its a heartwarming movie, with some great little lessons too, that I HIGHLY recommend you watch! You won’t regret it!!

 Hey! Before you go, stop by Faith’s blog for all the links to today’s party posts!! 

Annnnd enter the giveaway!!! It’s open and will run through Christmas Eve! The winner will be announced Christmas Day. There’s some great prizes!!! 

~Treasure each moment~



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