One Life At A Time + Honor Life Challenge – Jacob and Esau

Repost October 8, 2021

The other week, as I was searching for some statistics for this tour, I came across this website:

Abortion Statistics – Worldometer (

I glanced at the number and didn’t think much of it. Sadly it was a large number, but I wasn’t really surprised. I clicked off to look at something else and then happened to come back to this again. As I looked at the number for a second time, it changed. The number was climbing higher as I watched. I felt like sobbing. There, as I sat, life after life was becoming nothing more than a statistic on a screen. 
part of me wants to share how a lady in the senate announced that because Hitler banned abortion, anyone who does the same is a Nazi. how another lady shared that if abortions are banned the mortality rate of pregnant mothers is going to rise, how someone else declared that abortion is a blessing. a freedom. an act of love.
(and I guess I just did…)
but I don’t want to focus on that. Those things shouldn’t surprise us anymore. we’ve heard all the lies. the attempts to rationalize selfishness. somehow it still riles me up every time.
but ranting and raving won’t do anything about the individual lives. it won’t stop that number from climbing. 
so what can we do?
first and foremost, pray. God knows your desire to help, and he has something great planned for you. be open to whatever. answer yes before you know what He will ask.
accept the life He gives you. treasure it. if He leads you to marriage, have an open womb and welcome every life He gives you.
adopt. one hundred and forty million orphans. maybe you can’t save 140,000,000. but you can save 1. 
volunteer. there are countless crisis pregnancy centers that serve women who want answers. who have faced pain and don’t know what to do. you can help. 
pro-life is more than being against abortion. its being for LIFE. it’s having an open womb. its refusing to give into convivence or fear with a pill. its being pro-foster care and pro-adoption. pro-life really includes any age. it includes the elderly, the sick, the special-abled, the sinners (which is everyone btw!). 
abortion can be stopped. one life at a time.

Day Four – A Sibling Pair- Jacob and Esau(#miracle babies)
The siblings in this book are so sweet! 
(fun tidbit: A lot of Patricia St. John’s books have great sibling pairs!)

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Sustainer’s Smile(Truth From Taerna 4)by Erika Mathews

“Sustainer’s Smile is coming! It’s Book Four of Truth from Taerna, it can be read as a standalone, and it tells the story of Liliora Ellith, who makes peace with her past and discovers her future among the cradles of Taerna’s unwanted babies, born and unborn.

RELEASE DATE: October 21, 2021


Suffering suffocates her soul. 

How can she ever smile again?

A helpless newborn…that’s exactly how twenty-four-year-old Liliora Ellith feels in her efforts to speak up on behalf of the youngest members of Taerna’s pleasure-driven society. Her tender heart for the defenseless and deep aversion to conflict throw Liliora’s soul into turmoil when tragedy opens her eyes to the quiet yet heartrending war on Taerna’s babies—both born and unborn. Adon Olam’s Word coupled with a secret in her own past fuel her determination. All she wants is to make peace with her past and discover her future among the cradles of unwanted babies. However, the challenges ahead of her threaten to send her spiraling into hopeless depression time and again. Saving innocent lives from the crush of the destroyer and raising a generation in the ways of Adon Olam seem more impossible than ever. At the very end of herself, will the sufferings of her and her babies prove to be anything less than the catalyst for complete disaster?

GENRE: clean kingdom adventure fiction, recommended for fourteen and up due to addressing the topic of abortion

CONTENT: no magic, romance, or language. Abortion is mentioned or thought about by characters but happens entirely off-page. There are a few unwed mothers but it isn’t condoned.”

To Save A Life(Natty’s Warriors 1)by R.M. Peterson

RELEASING October 22, 2021


Book 1 of Natty’s Warriors, this book tells the story of two young couples: one with big questions and one with the answers they need. When a baby is born alive after a botched abortion, the parents are faced with questions they have never considered. This story follows their journey to the Answers they need regarding Christ, the value of Life, and what they must do to turn their lives around.

GENRE: contemporary pro-life novel

CONTENT: mildly detailed medical sequences (no gory details, but mentions blood), abortion mentioned and explained, unmarried couple have a child, but no details prior to the baby being born, mild descriptions of hemophilia and miscarriage (mostly just mentioning that a character has them).


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