Honor Life Challenge – Samson

Repost – October 13, 2021

Day Six- A Strong MC(main character) – Samson – (#miraclebabies)

I suppose strong could have several different meanings… I decided to go with the emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (and perhaps physically too) strong. I have not actually read this book *hides*, but I’ve heard a lot about it the past few week, as I”ve been listening to an amazing sermon series about the missions to Irian Jaya (linked below). From what I’ve heard this is a book for older readers, because of some of the tribal customs that are explained in the beginning of the book. Things were really dark and evil there, y’all. But Stanley Dale was defiantly a strong character, the stories I’ve been told in the sermon series are incredible… (#20: Plugged Full of Arrows = a must listen!) So, before to long, I”m gonna be getting myself this book, and reading more stories about him!

also… another missionary mentioned in this series is Darlene Deibler Rose, who also has an amazing story and book!

Write For Life Schedule (here’s the schedule for the next few days, Check back here on Friday for a spotlight on Sustainer’s Smile!)P.S. I’m only sharing the blog schedule… be sure to check out these ladies social media accounts for posts too!

October 13

Jen Rose at Living Outside the Lines – Sustainer’s Smile character spotlight: Carita

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October 14

Vanessa Hall at Vanessa Hall – Sustainer’s Smile review

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October 15

Autumn Lehman at Bursting Through the Darkness – Sustainer’s Smile spotlight

Kelsey Bryant at Kelsey’s Notebook – Sustainer’s Smile character spotlight: Rita

October 16

Brianna Burden at Singing in the Rain – prolife post

Grace A. Johnson at Book Nations – guest post by Erika

October 18

Joy C. Woodbury at Discipleship With Joy – To Save a Life review

Katja Labonté at Little Blossoms for Jesus – Sustainer’s Smile review, spotlight, character spotlight: Liliora

October 19

Rebekah Morris at Read Another Page – Sustainer’s Smile review

Lauren Compton at Novels That Encourage – Sustainer’s Smile author interview

Martha Abilene at Beyond the Literary Horizon – prolife post

October 20

Kristina Hall at Kristina Hall – To Save a Life review

Jen Rose at Living Outside the Lines – Sustainer’s Smile review

Akira Rodriguez at With Joyful Praise – To Save a Life review

Vanessa Hall at Vanessa Hall – prolife post


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