Kiera by Kate Willis Hoppman ~ Spotlight + Author Interview!

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How are y’all this fine morning! I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but the weather has been G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! I just love Spring! 🌷🌹🌼

Well, today, I’m so happy to introduce to you Kiera Edition #2! It’s hardcover, its blue, its beautiful!

I read the first edition of this book and loved it and I know this one’s gonna be even better! Yes, it’s a “marriage of convenience” book, yes, it’s about a couple falling in love, but I placed it on my slight romance shelf because romance isn’t what it’s about. It’s really about God’s love. And it’s completely clean and I loved it.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to this book and then I’ve got a special someone here with us today – none other than the one and only – Kate Willis!

About the Book

Kiera’s life is pretty simple—garden, hang out with her best friend, babysit little Jade, and finish up homeschool high school. But a global war and mandatory draft turn her eighteenth birthday into a nightmare.

Brennan, Jade’s adoptive dad, offers his last name and exemption status, leaving Kiera to question everything she’s ever thought about love. Even worse, she might actually be starting to have feelings for him.

Life settles into a routine before shattering again, and Kiera is left with only one question… If God truly loves her, why is this happening?

Limited edition hardcover includes The Least of These and a new exclusive short story Operation Robin.

And before we get to the interview – there’s a giveaway too!

Look at this adorable little gift! 😍

Enter here!

Welcome Kate, I’m so thrilled to have you here and I know my readers can’t wait to learn more about you and your book!

Hi, Autumn! Thanks for having me! And gorgeous name by the way. ❤️

Aww thank you! If you could pick one Old Testament character to meet, who would it be?

Oo, this is a unique question. 👏 I’d have to say Queen Esther. She’s basically the coolest ever.

100% agree with you! Tea or Coffee?

Tea! My sister-in-law gave me tea as a gift, and it’s been one of my absolute favorite things. I will take a very small cup of coffee if I’m too tired to stand up, though. 😉

Whoop, go tea! What is your favorite song?

This is always a moving target, but right now it’s Ramona by Jukebox the Ghost. It has a good sound and sums up how I feel some days lately. 😉

So cool – If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you do?

Ooo, I would absolutely love to wander around the UK in red rain boots and a very fluffy coat. I’m Jewish so I’d also love to visit Israel sometime, but usual unrest there does make me a little bit nervous…

That sounds like so much fun – I’m gonna get myself a furry coat and rain boots and join you! 😉Besides writing, what are some of your hobbies?

Reading, which is probably an obvious one, lol, but watching movies and baking (mostly cakes) make my world go ’round. 

Love it! What is your favorite genre to read?

I love middle-grade fiction, but another genre might be speculative fiction (dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy). It’s has such a wide range of worlds and can really drive home some deep themes.

Yes!! What are three things that inspire you to write?

Hmmm…Reading other books, listening to thoughtful music, and observations of people. It’s like I have a creativity tank that slurps in every interesting thing and demands to do something with it. 😂

That’s so awesome! Where is your favorite place to write?

Honestly? Right now it’s the couch. I think best when I’m comfy.

That seems to be a favorite! What’s your favorite writing food/snack/drink?

Chai tea and popcorn or something small like M & M’s. 

YUMM! Who have been your biggest supporters during the writing of this book? 

My fans of the first edition have really reminded me that this book is worth it. My sister and cover designer/formatter has just been knocking everything out of the park. And my husband talks me through imposter syndrome and rejoices with me over good reviews and my proof copy. 🥰

Aww, that’s special! What made you decide to do a rewrite and second edition of Kiera?

Great question! I’ve talked about this a bit on my blog, but I just really felt God laying it on my heart that some things needed to change. I’ve learned more about some topics, found myself less attached to pet peeves, and realized with grief how some of my wording of things could potentially hurt readers. I actually did very little rewriting to the story itself. 😉

I’ve also been wanting a new, more genre-appropriate cover and hardcover format. The timing just turned out. 😉

🤗Who was your favorite character to write for in this book? 

It’s a tie between fan-favorites Destiny (Kiera’s enthusiastic bestie) and Jade (the toddler). I also adore the side character Aric, and really want to write something with him someday.

Yes! More books please!! 😆 What is one of your favorite moments/scenes in Kiera?

Ooo, I see what you’re doing. 😉 The roadtrip, hands down. It wasn’t originally in the outline but came later in a timeline reworking, and I just love how it turned out. It gives me all the fangirl feels. 🤐

Love that one! What has been one of the best and one of the hardest things about your writing/rewriting journey?

Oof. I didn’t expect this, but I’ve had a second dose of imposter syndrome, “should I even be doing this” thoughts, and the irrational fear that I was going to add a new typo. 😂 The best thing has been seeing it in hardcover.

Imposter syndrome is real! And I adore hardcovers! How have you seen God work through this book and your journey? 

Absolutely. Another best thing has been feeling Him near every step of the way. He’s provided financially (publishing is spendy, kids), given me supportive family and friends, and made the process go so smoothly. Lots of answered prayers. 💙

God is so good! What has God taught you through writing this book? 

To lean on Him through it all, to write the words I want to say, and to admit when I need to change things. 

That’s awesome, How has this book personally changed you since you wrote the first edition? 

Oh, great question! It’s shown me that I can write a novel and encouraged me with that knowledge during each new project.

Wonderful! What are some encouraging quotes or Bible verses that keep you going? 

I don’t have any specifically, but the realization of how near God is and that He always has been and that He wants me to draw near to Him has been huge. 💙

💯 What inspired you to write this story and What do you hope readers will take away from it?

Two things really started this story—one, the rumors around my own 18th birthday that women were going be drafted, and two, my own spiritual journey of needing to focus on God’s deep, deep love. I hope readers really take away just how much He loves them. 💙

I love that! What is your best piece of advice to aspiring authors? 

Read and love. Don’t focus on better or best or critique and analyzation of art or high word counts and big projects right now. Love the world, love the stories, and let your imagination and writing play. You have time, and this is the best way to work out your voice and improve your writing without even knowing it.

I love how this quote from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury says it… “‘Stuff your eyes with wonder,’ he said, ‘live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.'” 

Yes! I love this advice! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing some of your wisdom with us. I just want to give you a big congratulations on the release of your book! Well done 🤗

Thank you so much! 💙💙 Have a lovely week.

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